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Saturday, January 30, 2010


First of all, thank you to all who guest blogged for me this past week.
L. Diane Wolfe.
Jill Edmondson.
Jemi Fraser.
You really made my week easier and my blog more interesting.  I truly enjoyed bringing something different to my readers, and it seemed the readers enjoyed it as well!

Secondly, the ground here is covered in glorious snow today!  It is piled high and so far untouched by human folly.  Sleet has been falling for hours so we dare not venture out by car.  But when my children wake I am sure we will be out and playing amongs the flakes.  Therefore, I am not sure how much I will be online today.  But I hope to get around a bit because I have been remiss in commenting the past week.  Perfect for naptime on a snowy day.

Thirdly, my hard at exercising (or hardly excercising) friend Voidwalker has posed a question to his readers.  That question has become a sort of chain challenge that I now pose to you.  Here it is.

Voidwalker is exercising.  (This is allegedly for real, not one of those long-winded math problems you meet in middle school.)  He is getting married in 21 days and wants to look fit and pretty.  (I added the pretty part.)  Therefore, he runs on a treadmill.  Before said treadmill hangs a sign which reads:
"Those who do not find time to exercise now, will have to find time for illness later."
Since he is also a hard at writing (see above) person, Voidwalker naturally wonders, "How can I apply this wise lesson to the literary world?"

And that, my friends, is the question we pose to you.  What metaphor can you find in the quote?  How can you apply it to your writing life?

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  1. We have snow and sleet here in the Charlotte area, Michele. Right now there are flurries. The ice will keep us in today, too.

    Really, writing is a muscle to be exercised, isn't it? If I take a break from it, it's harder to get back to it.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. We only have rain here in Georgia, but it's cold and I'm afraid it will turn to ice soon enough.

    I think if we do not find time to write now, we will find nothing to reflect on later.

    Enjoyed your guest bloggers this week. Very interesting group. Thanks for sharing their thoughts.

  3. No snow, here, just cold as... well, some really cold stuff

    And if I didn't write right now, then the illness I'd be making time for later would probably be mental. I write myself sane, some days.

  4. It's Saturday, so my brain is pretty much turned off - sorry!

    We have snow as well. Actually, it's ice crystals and pellets. Our 'rain' is all ice pellets. Hardly any traffic through our subdivision, too. Which is nice - it's so quiet!

    And thanks again for the opportunity to blog here!

  5. We've got snow as well. Seen a lot of it this year.

  6. Great responses and I love snow! Sorry I forgot to include a link to Voidwalker's site, so I have now posted it in the original post. But here it is as well: http://walkthevoid.blogspot.com/

    Have a great Saturday!


  7. It's sort of refreshing to read someone enjoying winter, everybody seems so ready for Spring and it's still January. I am going to forego the homework, my brain is busy with plot and structure of my WIP, forgive me. Have fun in the snow!

  8. We've got snow - although we did have an unseasonable rain for a couple of days this week. Then the rain gets under the snow and ice and drips into buildings. Yuck. Thankfully we had a light dusting of real snow to make it pretty again :)

  9. My children loved it. We FROZE. We're just at that region where it doesn't make sense to own snow gear (boots, the right clothing, etc.), but where every once and a while we get a big burst of the wintery stuff.

  10. Wow, very nice follow up. Thanks for this!! I'm honored to get poked fun at, or at the very least mentioned, in your blog :)

    Whoo hoo