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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess that Character Blogfest

I had nearly forgot about it until I swung by DL Hammon's blog this morning...but today is Jen Daiker's Guess that Character Blogfest!  Just when I was announcing my own, I nearly miss her's. 

The rules: "On Aug. 19th, post a snippet of the character you'd like to be identified. Try and make sure there are no descriptions of what they might look like. This blog fest is based purely on voice, action and personality."  Then readers can guess what they think the character looks like!  On Fri., Aug. 20th, we'll all reveal what the truth.  Check back to see how close to the mark your guess was.

So here is my entry...It is short and shows the character mostly through the way she talks.  Yes, she is a female, I'll give you that.  And she is the narrator.  Now, what do you think she looks like?  (Feel free to add any other characteristics that jump out at you.)

     I've never been one to brag, but my daddy was the king.

     He could turn my tears into giggles just by making that face—the one where his tongue lolls out the side of his mouth and his eyes roll up—you know, where it looks like a corpse? That's the one. He had it down!
     I know how he got it so good, too: he'd seen plenty of dead people. Most of them he probably killed himself. Or at least ordered it done.
     But, whatever. He was my father.
     Do you want to know about him? I'll be glad to tell you. I have so many wonderful stories about my dad. I'll throw in a little of the killing, too. I mean, that's interesting, right? And it'll show you how decisive he was. (makes a muscle with her arm and lowers her voice) How strong.
     (giggling) Daddy was the best.

So, what do you think of her?  For more blogfest entries, check out Jen's blog, Unedited: Guess that Character Blogfest.

Oh--and don't forget to check out yesterday's post, in which I announce my own upcoming blogfest--the Happy Birthday Blogfest, in honor of Southern City Mysteries' 1 year birthday!


  1. I'm happy to see that you were still able to join in on the fun and that DL's post made you remember!!!

    Great piece, this character is super fun, I love the narrative skills, most impressive.

    My Guess: Well she's very bubbly so I'm going to go with what the perfect bubbly girl looks like, pink cheeks, curly shoulder length blonde hair. Blue eyes with the perfect oval shaped face, and very light skin.

    How close was I???

  2. Jen- I had made note of it last week, and just forgot. But the end result is the same: I made it!

    And what's funny, I hand't thought to picture her until this contest. This is a piece from my experimental WIP, with alternating narrators. Now I know what she looks like...but I won't tell till tomorrow!

    My favorite thing about this piece (if I do say so myself) is the juxtoposition of the bubbly character with her subject of a killer father.

    I actually won't be revealing until Saturday b/c I have a guest blogger Friday. Margot Kinberg will be here!


  3. For some strange reason, I just couldn't "see" her. But the piece was really gripping.

  4. Rayna- Well, it's not really about her, so that might be the tough part. Or maybe I just failed!

  5. Michele - How intriguing! OK, here's my take. This is a mobster's daughter. That blond hair is not natural, and she's expertly made-up. Dark eyes and artificially poignant eyebrows.

  6. Okay, I suck at this blogfest so far. So I'll just guess she looks like Kate Beckinsale. At some point, maybe I'll be right!

  7. I'd say early to mid teens on the short side. Dark hair, good deal of make-up and jewelry. Designer clothes, but young and cool, not old lady designer stuff.

    I love the whole daddy thing, Can't figure if he's a warrior or a hitman. Great scene:)Says a lto with few words.

  8. I think she's young, mid-twenties. Clearly warped by her dad. Used to getting anything she wants. Bouncy brown hair. Blue eyes. Not good at making friends.

    But no idea what book character she is.

  9. I really like this. It's almost screenplay-like. I'd say she has a really high-pitched cleerleadery voice, but doesn't possess an once of a cheerleader personality. I'd say she's quite feisty and there's a lot going on in her head that she never let's out. I see Jennifer Tilly!! :o)

  10. A true daddy's girl:) She is the epitome of a princess, long locks of golden hair and deep set blue eyes. She possesses a dreamy glow!

  11. ok... this IS Hit Girl, right???
    totally imagined Hit Girl... Chloe Moretz

  12. Ooh, interesting. Like the voice. She comes across like a little girl, but I definitely think she's older. I'm going to guess naturally brunette, but possibly highlighted or dyed lighter, closer to blond. Naturally pretty, dark eyes, but made up kinda heavily.

    I like this snippet!

  13. I'd say twelve but pretty, curly light brown hair and knowing blue eyes.

  14. This was a tough one! I'd say she's in her teens with blonde hair and big, dark eyes.

  15. Yikes! That's some scene! Love it.

    I'd say blonde pig-tails or pony-tail, bright blue eyes - short. :)

  16. Ooooh, dark ;)

    She's young - under 10, I'd say. Big eyes, ready to tell stories. Her hair's probably in twin braids with colored ties. She's wearing a dress her daddy bought her.

  17. Nice! I think she's a Southern Belle, dirty blonde hair piled on top of her head. Blue eyes and dimples.

  18. I've always seen a girl like Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)as the daughter to a king. Of course she wouldn't just be the sit back and look pretty type of daughter. :)

  19. I'm thinking 11 or 12...maybe a smidgeon younger. Long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Obviously adores her daddy....

  20. Great snippet! I see a young, blonde woman, almost Paris Hilton-esque. She's willowy in an elegant way that doesn't seem right in a girl her age. Her almond eyes always gleam with an air of entitlement, but her smile is sweet as honey.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  21. I see her as an older teen, maybe nineteen or so. She has silky blonde curls, big blue eyes, perfectly applied make up, and the latest, more fashionable and expensive clothes.

    Great snippet!

  22. Well, with the phrase "But, whatever" made me think she's about 16, blond curly hair just past her shoulders, blue eyes, flawless skin with pink cheeks. She's very spoiled by Daddy and gets everything she wants. She's kind of heartless. Her clothes are expensive.

    I don't that's what I got. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow. :D

  23. This was so good. I agree with Jen on the bubbly part. I'm picturing cropped blond hair and blue eyes.

    Can't wait to see your reveal!

  24. Michele, this is so darn cute. :)

    I imagine her with bright big blue eyes, round rosy cheeks, bouncy yellow curls. She has deep dimples and cute red lips.

  25. Woo-hoo! I am follower #200!

    The narrator still sounds young, around seventeen would be my guess. Cute daddy's girl with a dark side. Wavy black hair with subtle traces of reddish highlights, large almond-shaped hazel eyes, small upturned nose, soft cherry lips. Petite but with curves in the right places.