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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1. MWU University--classes for mystery writers!  Find all the info on Alan Orloff's site.

2. Jen's Book Thoughts presents her Five--and these are all books you should read.  I recommend 4 of the 5 authors--highly!

3.  Someone has an agent!  Exciting news from Mercedes Yardley.

4.  Talk Taff becuz youknowzitmakezsense, like, innit?

5.  We all know DL Hammons, but do we all know how creative he is?  Check out this post called Bump, and follow the directions to add to his lists.  Your blog will get exposure, and so will your creativity.  But is it a match for his?  (I found DL's link through writer Glynis, so she gets some credit!)

6.  And the fruit of DL's labors...the linkiest post you'll ever see!  Check out all the goodies in the comment section, from bloggers galore!

7.  Margot Kinberg asks the best question...When did it all start for you?

8.  She runs...And she matters.  Two posts from moving writer (or writer on the move, depending on the post) Tabitha Bird.  Look for Tabitha guest blogging here soon!

9.  Is there a tough part in your MS?  Are you stuck on one word or one character that/who just won't budge?  Try Jan Morrison's Friday Challenge at Crazy Jane, to unstick your stuckables.

Literary Movement Series starts tomorrow!  Gothic Lit on Monday...See you then!


  1. Michele - Thanks for this oh-so-helpful Sunday roundup, and thank you so much for including my post. I'm honored : ).

  2. You always have such great links in your Sunday Foreign Post Roundup. Off to check these out. Thanks. Have a great Sunday.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Great links, Michele! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  4. Margot- It's usually a question of HOW MANY of your posts to include!

    Mason- Should be some good reading for you at these links. You, too!

    Elizabeth- Every Sunday! And excited to announce Elizabeth's coming to SCM on August 9th...

  5. I never did add a link to DL's post, as I've no idea what is my best post!

  6. Oh, wow! Lots of fun links to check out. Thank you for including my "OH MY GOSH I HAVE AN AGENT!!" post. I'm still very, very excited. :D


  7. Some great links. Thank you for these.


  8. WOW...thank you for all of the linkage love Michele...especially my own! :) I am so psyched about the Blog Recycle Center!! There are sooooo many amazing links there already and its growing everyday.

    If the MWU was anywhere close to Arkansas I would sign up today! It sounds like an amazing line-up of instructors and topics.