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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogger Arrogance

The title implied unequaled knowledge and importance.  The page showed nothing but the posts, blog description, and links to the blogger's sites.  The blogger/writer wrote only about her- or hisself in third person.

What would I, as a reader, like to see on this (and other blogs)? 

1.  Maybe an acknowledgement of followers.  As simple as this is, that little box in the sidebar tells readers they are important.

2.  A more humble title.  Tell your readers what you're about, but don't call yourself something you have to live up to--'Brilliant Writer,' 'Perfect Storyteller Blog,' or 'No one can match the words on this page. Comment if you Dare.'

3. Give us some color.  A black and white page shows a bit if apathy, and sometimes it comes across as cold and unwilling to give to the readers.  (Simple and clean is nice.  Take a lesson from Elizabeth Spann Craig--simple, but with color and nice elements.)

Then again, who am I to say?  How arrogant of me!
Anything else you like to see on blogs?  Have you come across and arrogant blog before and, if so, did you comment or turn away?

For fear of coming across 'arrogant,' I'd like to say that these are just the opinions of this humble blogger.  No laws should be based on my words. 


  1. I do like a little bit of the person seeping through in the blog. Elizabeth's is a great example- her's is an uncluttered blog, but it has personality.
    And something that shows the person cares for you- the followers widget, responses to comments, or just acknowledging others in their posts.
    But most of all, I guess I want that the person read my comments, not just react to what they think they read - sorry, I am smarting right now :-(

  2. I haven't really encountered a blog like that unless it was done tongue in cheek. And even in that case, it was off putting.

  3. ooh, don't like the sound of that at all. I have noticed though that there are blogs and blogs. There are some blogs that I belong to that I never comment on because they have over four hundred comments per post (not kidding) and I know the writer doesn't (couldn't) respond to them all. I like the writing and that is why the blog is so popular but I don't feel like I need to do anything other than read it. That is not arrogance so much as just a different sort of stage of blogging, I suppose. I am more turned off of blogs that don't seem to be about what the person tells me they are about. And more about gaining huge followships (yes, I just made that up!) I want content. Jan Morrison

  4. The first blog I encountered was a conspiracy writer, and he heaped scorn on my comments. I saw him doing this to another commenter, then antagonize him for responding to the arguments. I never revisited.
    Is your Blogfest the "Happy Birthday" one or the cityscape? Afraid I can't read the glittery writing.

  5. Don't think I have come across a blog that I would call arrogant, or maybe just left it before I really noticed. The blogs I read are mostly those that give an immediate impression of interesting themes or attractive appearance. But I also like it clean and simple. Black is my favorite color, so I have no problems with that. Some colorful pics are nice, but it can be too much. I'm not interested in the "commercial" blogs with lots of ads and a new giveaway everyday. In general, I like the world of writer blogs, because they are written by nice and polite people, and there are very few (if any) rude and aggressive commenters >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  6. Oh yes! There's quite a few out there. I started following one that had over 1000 followers, but his constant superiority and endless blogging about his success and sales and blah blah blah turned me off - and I stopped following. I also tend to see this more in male bloggers. Men tend to be more fact-oriented, so while they think they're being helpful with their facts, they're coming across as either cold, indifferent, or self-centered.
    There, that's my rant for the day!

  7. Rayna- Oooh, I can only imagine what someone said in response to you...I hope it wasn't me!

    Lisa- This was a strong reaction to one blog. I haven't encountered many like it either.

    Jan- I like that, "followship." I'm with you, if there are more than 50 comments, and the blog is run by a publisher or editor or big-time writer (in which case it probably isn't even them), I might follow but I won't take the time to comment.

    Will- Oh--I'll move it up to the top left, thanks for the feedback. I only used the glitter b/c it was celebratory. Sorry! It's Happy Birthday and I'll move it up so it's more visible. The other is just my button you can put on your site if you want.
    As to the other--I would only imagine conspiracy bloggists (like that?) would be protective of their ideas. But why blog if you don't want feedback?

    Cold- Too true. In fact, I insulted a fellow blogger with a comment once and spent the next week apologizing. We all make mistakes, but it's those who aren't nice INTENTIONALLY that get to me.

  8. Diane- For fear of insulting my male readers, I'll tentatively agree. The one that got such a strong reaction from me (and led to this post) was owned by a male...at least I think it was--he/she talked in third person! But there are definitely lots of great male bloggers out there.

  9. Michele - I know exactly what you mean about arrogant blogs!! I've seen them, too, although I won't mention specific ones. What do I do? I simply turn away. I do not return to them. It sometimes makes me sad, because I'm sure there are things that I could learn from even those blogs. But a blogger who doesn't recognize that s/he is part of a community is just alienating. We're none of us perfect, and sometimes it's hard to know what will attract people or put them off. Still, your ideas are a good place to start.

  10. There are a few blogs I've come across like this lately. I usually check the blog out a few times to be fair, but then I don't go back.

  11. Oh boy, I hope you're not talking about my blog! Well, you can't be because I love all my readers and try my best to respond to each comment. I also make sure my followers and those that comment regularly are mentioned. It's the least I could do.


  12. I have a comment policy on mine. I hope it doesn't come off arrogant, but it's really about time management. I love posting/blogging and enjoy conversation, but I'd also be fine if no one commented -- simply because I'm so busy I often just post and move on. (College student.)

    I kind of see blogging as a way to get your thoughts out there -- and for me, it isn't always about conversation. Sometimes it's just a means to speak, and to know that folks out there are reading it, or will read it, in the future.

    Just a different perspective on blogging, probably. I don't do it to gain followers; just to express.

    Other people's blogs never bother me. I just see it as folks out on their sidewalk talking to the neighbors. Sometimes I feel like stopping; sometimes I don't. Either way, it's their lawn. Who am I to question it? :-)

    - Jill

  13. So far I've not encountered many arrogant blogs. There's a few that just post information without ever interacting.
    And Clarissa, no one can say you're arrogant!

  14. I'd like to know the blogs you (and Margot) are referring to... PLlleeaaassseeee???? (I know, that doesn't work for my 7 year-old, either).
    I can take arrogance when done in the form or humor, I suppose, but if it blatant, and of type where the writer believes that this is the way to prop up their self esteem, then I becomes a giant FAIL.

  15. Oh, and as a male (albeit intermittent) blogger, I can say.. I am not offended. Then again, I'm sorta' teflon-ey.

  16. I 'love' the bloggers who say they want critique, but get VERY touchy when anyone does. Writing only gets better with practice and critique...deal with it. I also hate the 'I am the greatest but have yet to do anything' blogs. I believe in 'fake it till you are it', but wow--some egos. And I hate too much goofy stuff that has no meaning but to be a eye catcher.

    I love to see helpful links to others sites (not just the bloggers own sites), photo's, and meaningful personal touches that give me a window into the blogger. Unique is wonderful, contrived is dull.

  17. I've noticed such bloggers, especially those who see they have no friends and readers but still won't do anything wise about it.

    I've also noticed a lot of people who like to glorify violence, blood and aggressive opinions in their posts ... and I'm always sensitive towards lack of ethics.

  18. I have run across a few of these blogs. If the blog content doesn’t interest me or comes across as “I know everything and you know nothing,” I usually don’t hang around to read the entire post or leave a comment.

  19. You now have a significant portion of the male writer-bloggers of the world second guessing themselves: gee, am I really that bad?

  20. Adam, if you have the empathy to ask "Is this me?" -- it's not you.

    But that's just me.

    I haven't encountered any arrogant blogs. One or two in the many, many I've visited had a touch of "Enough about me. What do you think of me?" Of course mine isn't one of those.

    What do you think of my blog, again?

    I like yours. I hope you find nothing but publishing success. Roland

  21. I like a friendly approach. I try and keep my Important Ones on show and happy.

    I came across one blog, they ran down every commenter with a blunt reply. It was a 'cold' blog.

  22. I agree with you about the black and white or just black with green writing, it's like entering a pit! I have found one blog like you're talking about. Needless to say, I'm not a follower or haven't returned to his site.

  23. I've come across blogs like that too, and haven't really known what to think of them. I know they don't end up in my Google reader!

    Thanks for being so nice about my blog. :) I think, as I get older, I have a harder time making out the print on some blogs...and I'm trying to head off that issue for my readers. Other than the font color and background color issue, I like to see followers on a blog, a healthy blog roll, and several ways to contact a person--Twitter, Facebook, and/or email.

  24. Blog writing is more of a learning experience than I ever imagined! I know now I started out all wrong, but I think my posts are getting better at going about it in the right way.

    Thank you for making some very good points.


  25. In the end...I think we are all learning and changing.
    Adam- Roland is right. So no worries!
    And welcome to all the new readers...I hope to visit your blogs soon.