Fear in Writing: What have you given your writing?

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What have you given your writing?

Corolla, NC
Writer and blogger Elspeth Antonelli is taking a sabbatical in September...She is calling it her "writer's retreat" and she will devote her time to--you guessed it--writing!  What a fantastic idea!!  Furthermore, Elspeth is creating her very own writing space.  Man, I would love to have an area sacred to the craft of writing.  And it got me thinking...What kind of time and setting do you give your writing?

There are writing conferences--but they are really more for socializing, networking, selling, and learning.  Nothing wrong with those things!  Love 'em!  But is there time at Bouchercon or Malice Domestic or Killer Nashville for actually writing?

Retreat in Asheville, NC
And, of course, you can pay for actual writing retreats.  (The one in Castell√≥n, Spain is especially appealing, no?)  This would be ideal for me, for I really need to be away from my kids to get any writing done.  (Here's another retreat link for the curious.)

Then...(yes, there's more)...There are ways to completely engulf yourself in the story you are writing.  I'm talking about living like your characters.  Research can only take you so far, but have you ever tried living like a citizen of Victorian England?  Or perhaps, to keep it related, you'd like to experience the charms of a Steampunk lifestyle...

What have you done for yourself and your writing lately?  Have you devoted space or time or even money to your craft?


  1. Funny you should write this Michele. I have just bought a new laptop table,and moved the furniture around to create a new writing space.
    I have cut down on my blogs, other than my author blog, and my Internet time. I have bought a new piece of software for writing. People who claim to be friends(in the flesh and online), and have proved otherwise, have been removed from my life.

    My writing now has a clearer path in my life. I live in a writing retreat. Villa, sun and pool. Vineyard village in Cyprus. So now I have it all.
    Is there a shop where you can buy motivation though, 'cos sometimes I run out. ☺

    I have never lived the Victorian life for my novel. I do enjoy the research side of writing.

  2. Michele - That's such a good question. I think it's important, if one's going to write, to give one's writing "special treatment," if that's the way to put it. As for me, it's difficult to give my writing what I would like to, because I have a "day job." But I've been reflecting on this very question lately, and I need to figure out what to do to be kinder to my writing. Setting aside more focused time for it is definitely one step I'm going to take!

  3. Oh my gosh, that Steampunk session is here in Georgia! So tempting.....

    I am getting ready to edit and I think the best thing I can do is make a certain time frame that can not be tampered with. Plus, I have some new sticky flags. I love those.

  4. I think I treat my writing time very poorly, actually. It's frequently in different places or on the road or crammed into available time.

    I haven't spent money on my writing--on the front end--for ages. I used to take wonderful online classes through RWA, etc, and really benefitted from them. I do pour money into writing, but it's on the back end, as promo.

  5. I would love to attend a conference or a retreat one day but it won't be in the cards for a while.

    I don't have a special place - my laptop just follows me around :)

  6. If I'm lucky, I'll get to the computer corner of the basement, put on some tunes, and have at 'er. Usually, I bring my Netbook to bed to hammer out a few words before sleep claims me. I just signed up for your Blogfest -- Cheers!

  7. I could do better but overall I treat my writing time pretty well. I need to shut down Blogger, FB, and Twitter as these can be huge time wasters when it comes to writing.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. I don't really have a writing space. In fact, I write in my bedroom, no rather, in a small corner of my bedroom. I don't have much quiet time in the house either. So my writing rarely gets 100% of my focus. I wish I could go on a retreat and just write. That would be wonderful.

  9. I devoted several hours last night. Thought of a couple new twists that will really amp up the conflict, so jumped right in and attacked.
    And a week without work would do wonders for my writing. Probably do a lot for my Starcraft II playing, too.

  10. I bought new pens, does that count? lol really I've participated in blogfest which has increased my writing.

  11. Hey, Corolla! I did a signing at the book store there...
    With all the junk with my mom and some other stuff going on, I've had next to no time to write.

  12. Glynis...Wow! Could I be more jealous? But that would cloud your positive output, so I'll just say, Bravo!

    Margot- Yes, life intercedes, but then we write about life...so it's all one big practice session! Time and space for writing elude me now, but I'll get there.

    Lisa- Gadgets and devoted time: perfect.

    Elizabeth- Money-wise, the smart way to do it. As for devoted time, you juggle so much it's amazing you write at all! Speaks well of your focus ability.

    Jemi- I suppose that's why they call it a laptop. :) I'm in the same boat.

  13. Will- Yay! Can't wait to read your entry. I'm hoping to post something big that day...But I don't take my laptop to bed! That's crazy. :)

    Stephen- I have to be away from those as well. We could all do better!

    Clarissa- I have a comfy chair in the sitting area of my bedroom, too...but somehow it doesn't seem to be a retreat. Some day...

    Alex- That's the thing--free time doesn't necessarily mean you're going to work more!

    Summer- New pens are fantastic! There's nothing like the perfect roll of a ballpoint...And blogfests can really be a great impetus. Seen mine? ;)

    Diane- I knew that'd strike a few Tar Heels in the relaxation bone. You'll get back to that which drives you, or calms you--maybe photography? maybe writing? We'll find the balance.

  14. I've spent money on one conference and hope to go to the same next year. It was a relatively inexpensive one. I also buy books on writing. Those help as well.

    I spend my Saturdays writing usually and most Sunday mornings. I had to just pick one day where I definitely get some writing done and have no other obligations. My day job during the week sometimes sucks all of my energy so a day off from that is perfect. I can wake up refreshed and with my mind on one thing: writing.

    Great post! I would looove to take a writer's retreat!