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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

(Don't miss #13)
1. New-to-me blog Mysterious Writers, created by author Jean Henry Mead.  It is exactly what it sounds like: a look at various writers of the genre.  Last Sunday, the inimitable Ms. Mead interviewed my favorite-author-I-haven't-read, Craig McDonald.  (In other words, I have every one of his books on my TBR list, but just haven't gotten there yet.)  And the week prior, she interviewed one of my favorite authors of an international series, Timothy Hallinan.  So, stop by.  I have a few words of recommendation. :)

2. An experience of travel from an author who knows a bit about Europe...Really, read it.  Experience is an understatement for J. Sydney Jones.

3.  The River of Light, a look at a beautiful tradition in Thailand, written poetically by author Timothy Hallinan (mentioned twice already in this post...a bit creepy that I've done that!).

4.  A new-to-me blog!  (I love these.)  MURDER by TYPE.  Catchy title, catchy header image, great posts on great mysteries.

5.  Here's one reason it's important to proofread--the Alliterative Allomorph's list of oops!

6. Piedmont Writer talks from her character's perspective, In Their Own Words-Salvatore.  (There's a whole series of these, so make sure you click the backlinks.)

7. Univarn takes a strike against all that is evil...or at least annoying.  Read his words and learn what and WHEN not to quote.

8.  Aliens battle it out.  I bet you can't guess what this has to do with nature!  Click for one of Rayna's brilliant drabbles.

9.  A great discussion on reading today and yesterday at Clarissa Draper's blog.

10.  Oh, man.  I have found the Twitter King.  Check out the sheer volume of Twitter chats for writers here, and the best explanation on how to use this phenomenon here.  Kevin Hatch will be your new go-to guy for Twitter.

11.  Need a little inspiration?  Look no further than the words at Jenn Daikers' Friday Inspiration.

12. Stereotypes, love 'em or hate 'em?  (In writing, that is.)  Discuss at Margot's Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.

13. You are the best blogger ever.  You are sooooooooo fantastic and coming by my blog every day that I want to give you a little gift.  In fact, why don't you just send your bank account number my way and I'll make sure you receive a surprise next time you check your balance...
If you guessed I was lying, you are correct!  (Sorry, you don't win anything.)  And if you want to know more about lying and deception, check out Clarissa Draper's excellent post Writer's guide to reading people.


  1. Michele - I always love your post roundup. Invariably there are at least a couple that I missed. Thanks! And thanks for including my lil' ol' blog : ).

  2. Always find wonderful new links to check out. Thanks. Have a great Sunday.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Michele - love the Roundups. Todays are great.

  4. Wow. And you wonder why I come by!? You're so complimentary. And you have great blog posts where I learn something new every time I visit.

    No pressure.

    Seriously, your blog is informative, clean and from the heart. Love it.


  5. I'm jumping to Clarissa's blog ... thanks for posting the link >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  6. Margot- Well, I don't know if I'd call it "little"...

    Mason- You, too, Mason!

    Mary- Thanks...heading over to your blog now!

    Clarissa- Aww, shucks. I try! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Cold- Great links, guaranteed.

  7. Thank you, Michelle. Your blog is fantastic.
    Mine is a work-in-progress.


  8. I was out of town for most of the week without Internet, so this is a great recap for me -thanks!

  9. When I tell my son he is on a Foreign Post Roundup, he is going to be mighty thrilled - he's doing countries in school right now, and driving me crazy.

    Thanks for the plug, and another great set of links to follow.