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Today in Literary History...December 14, 1907: Rudyard Kipling receives the Nobel prize for literature, the first English-language writer to do so.ud

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Prize

Today I announce the big prize packs for my upcoming Blogfest/Blog Birthday:

First Prize: 3 of my favorite books + Amazon gift card

Second Prize: 2 of our fellow authors' books + Amazon gift card

Third Prize: Amazon gift card

If you remember, Southern City Mysteries' first birthday is September 24th.  In honor of one year in the blogging biz, I'm hosting my first ever Blogfest--the Happy Birthday Blogfest.
Happy Birthday Blogfest
Sept. 24th

I posted the rules last week, but here they are again:

1. Spread the word. Tweet or post or place the announcement in your sidebar. Add the link to any of these in the comment forum below. (3 pts. for sidebar, 2 pts. for post, 1 pt. for tweet)

2. What's your favorite? Don't just tell me how #1ed, tell me about your favorite post or topic Southern City Mysteries has done in the past year. No rules here. It can be anything--a guest post, a series, or a subject I touched on briefly. (2 pts.)

3. On Sept. 24th, Southern City Mysteries' 1 year birthday, post your Happy Birthday Blogfest story! Who said birthdays are fun? They can be creepy or dangerous or dramatic or even fatal. Write a short story (why limit the word count? Gimme what'chya got!) involving a birthday in any form and something mysterious, dangerous, dramatic, creepy, or deadly. The latter event doesn't have to take place in the story, but can instead be alluded to. It's your choice. Actually, the birthday can be alluded to as well--free form! (3 pts.)

Leave your point total in the comments, and link to your Blogfest post on Sept. 24th--oh, and sign up through Mister Linky!  And we'll be all set.  I promise I'll put together something special for the event.  Hope you all help me celebrate!

*I promise I won't keep blogging about this, now that the prize is announced!
* Emily Dickinson biographer Lyndall Gordon Wednesday--new book on the intriguing poet that you'll want to know more about...


  1. Michele - Oh, those prizes sound delicious! You are very generous : ).

  2. Michele - nice sounding prizes - I get all flustered with these things - so much cutting and pasting but I will try! I know my favourite post so that's good!Jan Morrison

  3. OK - I think I signed on and it told me to tell ya so I'm telling ya! eeek.Jan Morrison

  4. Oy! Sick of me yet??
    I posted your contest in my sidebar but don't know how to link you to that.
    And now I'd like to tell you that my favourite posts were the whole of the Literary Movement Series and especially the one on the Beat Generation! But you knew that! I liked your mix of serious and fun in this series. I'm really looking forward to your guest, Lyndall Gordon as I'm a big Emily fan!Jan Morrison

  5. I wouldn't know what post to pick! But I am Tweeting this.

  6. Oh--now I have to start keeping up with points! What have I gotten myself into...


  7. I really want to read your "short story" post but it wont come up for me?

  8. Hi,

    Just gave you a "One Lovely Blog" award. Please come by my blog to pick it up.


  9. Not sure if I have the time to participate in this. :( Anyhoo, have linked your contest to my blog. Perhaps I'll decide closer to the time! :)