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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Writers Know Award to give!

I haven't given one of these in a while.  In fact, I haven't done any award posts in a while (not complaining!  they were getting a little much for a bit there).  But this one is special.  This one is solely for the purpose of celebrating the writing accomplishments of those in our writers' blogosphere.

Today, we celebrate Victoria Savaadra, who finished her second manuscript (correct me, Victoria, if this is wrong) early Monday morning.  Yay for the newly completed Silver Touch!

So, I'm brushing the dust off of the 'Writers Know Award' and passing it on to a hard-working writer.
Victoria--there are absolutely no requirements with this award.  How cruel would it be to demand something of you after you just wrote 50-thousand words?  Just bask in the glory of your achievement, and feel free to pass this on to anyone who completes their MS.  Again, congratulations, Victoria!  Impressive.

*So sorry I didn't get the 'Writers Jailed' post up on Friday.  I have been working so hard on these Literary Movement pieces that I ran out of energy!


  1. Michele - Congratulations to Victoria!! Well-done : )

  2. Congratulations to Victoria!

  3. Congratulations to Victoria, that is an accomplishment.

    Michele, hope you have a great weekend.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Congrats to Victoria! What a wonderful way to celebrate her accomplishment, Michele. :-)

  5. Thank you, Michele, for sharing. Congratulations to Victoria for her accomplishment.

  6. That's great! COngrats both of you. And, I'll check out her blog.

  7. Michele words cannot describe how thankful I am for you posting this!!!

    Thank you!

  8. Hey--every writer knows what a hard goal this is to meet. I have not met it yet! So I applaud you, Victoria!

    And thanks to the rest of you for taking the time to comment here, and for sending out your congrats.