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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing Prompt Wednesdays

I think a little more writing is called for on this blog!  So, I guess I'm starting my own meme--Writing Prompt Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday I will post a different prompt and invite you to take the challenge, write from the prompt.  I will lead the way with my own prompt-result, and I'll leave it up to you whether to read it before or after you write your own.
1. Read the prompt and write your response.
2. Add your comment here with a link to your writing, posted on your own blog.
3. Spread the word to help others hone their writing skills!

Grab the WPW button!  Here is the link.

So begins the first official Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Write from this phrase:  How the tides came crashing... It does not have to be mysterious.  It can be an entire story or just a few paragraphs.  What does this bring to mind?  Where does this take you?
Don't forget to post a link to your writing!

My response (shield your eyes if you are waiting until after you've written your own!):

It was a cataclysmic event. Low tide and High tide are never expected to meet. But in this fabulous creation that is my brain, they did. Somehow on the night of May 27th, the tides crashed. They crashed with full force and the reaction was something to make Einstein's hair lay flat.

I wasn't a quote unquote normal girl to begin with. After this day, people gave me room when they saw me in town.

The girl who saw Clark's ghost, they snickered right behind my back. Well, as close as they were willing to get anyway.

The nut who cracked was a favorite among tweens. Each giggling wrestling cheerleader thought she had come up with the brilliant phrase.

But you see, I had nothing with which to come back at them. I wasn't sure whether or not they were right. Was I crazy? Had I really seen a ghost? Or had the striking of cymbals, the smashing of waves in my head been the snapping of neurons?

Granted, it's hard to tell when you live in a small, North Carolina town. Everyone is a little crazy. They're a little Southern and a little in-your-business and a little wrapped up in the past. And a little crazy. It's not that people don't believe in ghosts, they just don't believe that you've seen one.

And they certainly don't believe that it happened the way it happened to me. You see, there was physical proof. Clark's ghost left marks. He branded me.

He left me blind.

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  1. Ooh, that last line is the chilling hook.

    Loved it.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Strange things happen when high and low tide meet!

    Good job!

  3. Hi there, clicked over from Helen Ginger's. Great idea for a writing prompt, enjoyed your story. Definitely the last line is a clincher, great twist!

  4. Hmmm...I'm a bit disappointed no one has taken the challenge, but I appreciate the compliments!

  5. Not in a place where I can really write at the moment. How long should it be?

  6. I joined in! I tried to guilt others into doing so as well. I think people are just embarrassed. Be shameless people!

    English Major's Junk Food

  7. I like your story Chels, you have a lovely vocabulary and a charming sense of humour in your storytelling ;)

  8. How the tides came crashing. Like a tumultuous thunder straight down from the opaque sky. And beneath it just a frostbitten swallow frozen in its dive through ominous clouds, fragile like a tender little violet shackled under the snowy shroud after the blizzard.
    Yes, those were tears in her eyes, the torrent of grief, the mighty current of disappointment, the liquid pieces of her shattered heart, the stream of her crumbled dreams ... A winged creature left flightless, a roaring hurricane left breathless, a vast ocean left tideless...

  9. Ash you rock! You know, I have to be honest, starting something like this will take some time. Worst case scenario? I get myself writing something new every week! (Talk about positive thinking)

    Alex- I understand, I really do. I meant to write mine last night and couldn't get it done, so I did it at 5 this morning! Life happens. If I had seen this during the day today, I probably couldn't have fit it in. So I give you a pass-THIS TIME!

    Dez- Hvala! Each story is different for me. I went a little supernatural for you here, but I did not know that would happen when I started writing.
    And speaking of lovely...Never would have guessed English was your second (or is it more like your third or fourth?) language. You have me swirling downward with her.

    As to length--I think I'll continue to leave that open so more people can participate. Dez was able to post his in his comment, Ash's took up a whole post. It als will depend on where I get the prompts from! This one I made up. Some will be more detailed. Thank you all for responding! This has been fun for me! More! More!

  10. oh, thanks, Chels, glad you liked my poetic ramblings :)
    Sometimes the fact that some language isn't your native one, gives you an interesting advantage, because you use it and see it from a different perspective ;)

  11. Michele, Wednesday is my busiest day, and after being gone ALL day on Tuesday to do two seminars, I am still playing catch-up online. (And probably will be until tomorrow morning...)

  12. Don't worry! I had a couple responses and I'm happy! Like I said, it gets me to write one day a week...I'll try it a few more weeks and then decide if it is a flop or worth keeping up.

  13. How the tides kept crashing...
    the tides kept crashing, the moon kept rising and she kept singing into the wind. They'd taken her children; they'd stolen them in the night. They'd taken the walls and the door and the funny bent chairs they'd found in the dump. They'd taken her loom - the one her grandmother had given her so she could sell something, anything, on the beach. Gone. All gone. Gone to the crashing tides. She'd lost her husband years gone by. He'd left in one of the low fishing boats and never been seen again. So now she sang on the shore - sang into the winds, sang into the rising moon and sang into the crashing tides.

  14. I would love to do this, but I have no time today. But next Wednesday for sure!

    What a fabulous idea, Michele!

  15. I really appreciate the prompt and will join is as often as I can...

    Here's my meager effort:


  16. These are great! I don't have time this week - hopefully next week is less chaotic - but I have my doubts!

  17. So, my mind is toast. But this is great. I love the ocean so these made me very, very happy!

  18. I loved your story. It had great voice :) Give me more!!
    This was a terrific idea. My humble contribution can be found at:

  19. Very good idea. I will have to think about this one and see if I have time. I am supposed to be editing :)

  20. Jan- Fantastic sadness. I love that he left by sea. It's in the details!

    Kimberly- Anytime! And you can always come back on a Thursday or a Friday and link to it...never a problem.

    Linda- Read it and I love that you worked it through your current WIP! Thank you for jumping in!

    Jemi- Never a problem. I couldn't keep up with all the students you do, then my own family AND my blog and writing!

    Kristen- Don't you have packing to do? We expect fantastic stories from Peru!

    Lorel- Even though you called me diabolical, I still read your work and enjoyed it! Great imagery and I love how you placed yourself in the ocean.

    Tabitha- Never any pressure. PLEASE don't step away from what you're supposed to be doing!