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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

Reporting from the Tampa Bay Airport, here is your--
1. Every time this man writes an article at Murder is Everywhere, read it.  The history Leighton Cage knows of his country is fascinating.  His take, his frustrations, his knowledge, his writing--all worthwhile reading.  This week's post is on wish ribbons.  Read it and tell me he doesn't do it well, using pictures and emotion to tell his tale.

2.  Yummmmmmmmm...Avery Aames spikes her mac'n'cheese!  Go get the recipe at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen.

3. To review or not to review? http://killzoneauthors.blogspot.com/2010/02/when-it-comes-to-online-reviews-more.html

4. Interesting read and a touching remembrance http://lesasbookcritiques.blogspot.com/2010/02/shot-to-death-by-stephen-d-rogers.html

5. Cathy at Kittling Books posts the best quizzes.  And I couldn't resist this one!
You Would Make an Okay 1930's Wife
You have some of the attributes of an ideal 1930's wife... but you probably didn't intend it to be that way.
You don't buy into retro gender roles, though you do embrace your femininity at times.
A 1930's man may find you passable, but you probably wouldn't want anything to do with him.

6.  A Thai Ghost Story.  (READ IT)
7. Mysterious author, SciFi movie--Hollywood Spy covers all the bases here.

8.  New-to-me blog and an "Aussie" take on reviewing books: Fair Dinkum Book Review.

9. For those who read comments on yesterday's post and are interested in seeing more artwork by Cleo Damianakes Wilkins (cover artist for Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms, seen at right), I have found a few links:
Great set of her cover art here.
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  1. As always more great links to check out. Have a safe trip.

  2. Just trying to stay sane and make it home to my babies. :) Flying over Tampa Bay was beautiful! I've never been here before, and I think I'll come back. I wanted to dive in!

  3. Thanks for the links - lots of everything stuff :)

  4. Did the test -
    You Would Make a Great 1930's Wife
    You've got a few retro ways, and you would make the ideal 1930's wife.
    At least, that's how it looks on paper. You may just be an easygoing, pleasant person.
    With a personality like yours, you'd be a great wife in any era!

    Maybe I shouldn't have said I often cook in my PJ's?

  5. Hi Michele,

    Thanks so much for taking note of the posts on Murder is Everywhere.

    And for being such a regular visitor.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely links.
    Have a lovely week.
    Warm regards,

  7. Diane- I NEVER would have pinned you as a Great 1930's Wife!

    Leighton- You're welcome, and I truly enjoy your site. Looking forward to reading your books!