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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Awards & Prizes are coming...I am writing them as you read this.

However, I wanted to let you know I will probably be working on the blog layout again soon.  I have not been happy with the darkness of this template and am looking for a new one.  If this constant change bothers you, please let me know.  I don't want to turn away readers, but I just can't seem to settle into this template.

That said, check back soon for the Awards & Prizes post.


  1. I am all for change and I am one of your readers with old eyes (the rest of me is blazingly youthful however) who would so welcome a lighter template. I change my template fairly often - it is like moving the furniture around. why not?

  2. You're right, Jan. And honestly, I refuse to tell myself I am agin (even though I am on my second to last day of 29!), but my eyes are feeling a bit of strain here. I want everyone to feel welcome!
    Thank you for the comment, that really helps!


  3. Hey, I love change! :) It doesn't bother me. I hope you can find something you like!

  4. Sometimes change is necessary and the unfortunate thing about blogs is you have to have the themes up for awhile to really see how they will do. Good luck with finding what you're looking for.

    Mentioning awards, I have one for you at Thoughts in Progress.

  5. Change is fun! I'd like to find some time to play around with mine at some point too :)

  6. Happy 100!!!!! I love change!!! Bring it on!!!

  7. I love the X-ray of the leafs in the header, but I think you are right, the dark does not work too well.
    In terms of layout I think a more defined border between the left and middle columns would help as well.
    Otherwise, in the end, it is the content that matters and yours is great. So don't worry about chasing too many people away.
    Have fun picking a new template!

  8. Glad you are changing - I find it hard to read dark background when i have tired eyes. sad about that! :)