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Monday, February 1, 2010

Where is your online library?

Alright...So in my newly admitted Internet addiction, I have also become addicted to Shelfari.  I love posting books on there that I have read, both to show off my eclectic taste and to keep track of all that I hope to read.  I know, not exactly altruistic motives, but it's also a good way to push your own book if you happen to be an author.  I have all my friends books on there that I have either read or plan to read (Elizabeth Spann Craig, Alan Orloff, Jill Edmondson, etc.), and I am friends with even more authors (L. Diane Wolfe, for example) and bloggers (Mason Canyon, DL Hammons).

So here is my question: are you on Shelfari?  Do you have an online bookshelf?  If you are, why aren't we friends?  I love having online friends--it's so sillily (just made that word up) fun!  Click me here and friend me.  Then you can get book recommendations from my shelf, and send yours my way as well.  I am honest in my reviews, but not negative. 

The only thing I don't put on my bookshelf are children's books.  I have enough children's stuff in my life.  Shelfari is a place for me.  And as much as I admire the genre, I really don't read YA.  So please feel free to recommend mystery/suspense/thriller and classic literature to me.

Hopeful for Shelfari friends...Michele's Shelfari Bookshelf


  1. I've been slow to make the move...looking for a little extra time to set up Shelfari and spend time on GoodReads and Library Thing. I think I'm on the last 2, but not on Shelfari yet. I love the idea of the sites, just having a hard time getting over there!

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  2. I just realized (last night of all times!) that everyone is on Goodreads. I actually like Shelfari better, but oh, well. It's just a matter of loading all your books on all the sites...Time consuming. I better not worry about it!


  3. I'm on Shelfari, Goodreads, and Library Thing - although I confess I don't visit them often enough...

  4. I've been meaning to sign up for some of those book sites. Thanks for the reminder. (Though now people might find out that I'm a closet fantasy book addict. Wait. I just said it. I'm not in the closet any more. Crud.)

  5. Diane- It's addicting, though, isn't it? I think I'm actually a member of them all, too!

    Simon- Out of the closet, you? Never would have guessed.

  6. "Sillily." You're in good company--I believe Poe coined that word in a couple of his letters.

    Just to show that I am now the Official Neanderthal of the blogging world--until I read this post, I had no idea such "online libraries" even existed.

    Good Lord, I'm pathetic.

  7. Yay, Undine! Discovering new things is a great way to start a month!

  8. Been there...doing that! :)

    Hi Michele.

  9. I have just recently joined!!! I'll add you as soon as I can! I never thought about it!! :)

  10. I haven't tried Shelfari, but I LOVE Goodreads!!


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