Fear in Writing: Snow pictures!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow pictures!

For fun: our snow pictures from this weekend are over at Do Beautiful Things.
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  1. Even in the midst of my cabin fever this weekend, I couldn't help but admit the winter wonderland was beautiful.

  2. The snow pictures are beautiful. Since the kids seems to be enjoying it so much, please keep all the snow there for them. I'll be glad to send any snow we get their way. :)

  3. Karen- It really was!

    Mason- Ha! I'm sure they'll appreciate that! I love that it keeps my husband home as well. Honestly, though, after three days in and out, in and out (and that's a lot of layers on and off), I'm worn out!

  4. Cute pictures. Looks like fun. I'm from AZ, so I'm not quite sure what all that white stuff on the ground is? I hear it's called snow, but I wonder what that's like? lol

  5. These are beautiful! We only receive one day of snow with only a blooming inch! I live in the deep South (USA) and we never have snow.

  6. Guess you know the secret now - just keep moving.

  7. Void- We moved here from Phoenix so I hear you.

    Avalon- An inch is nice--6 is better!

    Alex- Oh yeah! But we didn't even bother to drive in it this time. :)

  8. Great photos. Kids LOVE snow! So much fun :)