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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Post of the Day #1 Book Giveaways

Alright all! A few little posts throughout the day from me today...I awoke early today to WRITE, therefore I am not spending an hour wrangling out perfect prose for your perusal (like that?). Just kidding, but I am serious about the small posts.

So here's the first:

A.F. Heart of Mysteries and My Musings is hosting a book giveaway of a particulary interesting-sounding mystery/suspense/thriller. A new-to-me author Sandi Ault.  A book titled Wild Penance.  Read Heart's review here, and enter the drawing here.  Free books are good, right?  Enjoy!

While clicking around the blogosphere, I saw that Patricia Stoltey has a rather nice lineup of books in her giveaway stack as well!  Amond them,  a couple more Sandi Ault books, a couple Beth Groundwaters (know her from the blogworld?), and some big names like Jeffery Deaver and James Rollins.  All but the Rollins book are signed!  Rules and a complete list of books are located here.  And don't forget Patricia is an author herself, so look for her books on her site and in your local bookstore.

I know what you're thinking...will Michele ever host a book giveaway?  Aahhh, no.  I am not a reviewer.  Therefore, I do not receive many books for free.  However, I do like to give books and bookstore gift cards as prizes.  So stay tuned and stay with me on this journey to publication!


  1. Finding out about book giveaways is always nice. To me it also introduces me to new links, new authors and wonderful new books even if I don't enter the contest. By the way, Patricia's lineup of books is wonderful and the fact that they're signed by the author is an added bonus.

  2. Michele - just wanted to say I love your new layout! It's fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the kind mention, Michele.