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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Honest Scrap: Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou

Normally I wouldn't let something like this percolate for so long, but I felt I had to let my earlier post stand on its own for a bit. So I apologize to Jemi of Just Jemi for the timing, because my first blog award was truly en exciting moment for me!

Yesterday Jemi passed on two awards, Best Blogger and Honest Scrap. Those to whom she passed it on could choose which award they wanted. I chose Honest Scrap, because I do strive to be at least Honest, even when it is just bits of scrap I am throwing at you!
Ten things you don't know about me...

1. I played competitive soccer for 10 years.

2. I have lived in Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, and now North Carolina.

3. I am NOT tech savvy, but I pick up things quickly.

4. I used to read only male authors (for mysteries), thinking women were to girly. How close-minded was that? I have since seen the light...

5. I have worked on all sides of the camera in TV news.

6. I am a classic movie lover. My favorite movies at age six were The African Queen and King Kong, 1937.

7. When I google myself, this picture comes up:
Not bad, right?

8. I cannot curl my tongue, but my father, sister, husband and son all can.

9. My maiden name was Hindman (pronounced HINE-dman).

10. My husband proposed to me by singing and playing Mark Cohn's "True Companion."

Just some of the blogs/bloggers who deserve this Award:

1. I'm Blogging Drowning Here (also the decidedly best-kept-secret blog. Check out Lorel's posts!)

2. An Ulterior Motive (honest down to the strippers, and he keeps me honest here as well.)

3. Thoughts in Progress (beautifully formatted and chock-full of yummy links)

4. HOLLYWOOD SPY (it's not mystery writing, but it's so fun and I learn a lot here. Dezmond adds some great comments to my blog!)

5. M.J. Macie-A Mystery Writer's Words (talk about Honest Scrap - this woman really puts it out there! M.J. is self-published and she keeps asking for more critique and discussion. I highly recommend you check her out.)

6. A Million Blogging Monkeys (not only is it a cool title, but his book can't come out fast enough for me. Alan blogs about everything from Springsteen to sausage. Don't miss a word.)

7. The Dangerous Pages Review (she already has one, but I just think her blog topic is so HONEST! And she really goes all the way with layout and each and every post. Sharazad was also one of my first followers, so what's a girl to do?)

8. Novels During Naptime (I applaud Karen's perseverence through NaNoWriMo, motherhood and Life.)

That's all for now...


  1. Felicitation my dear, so well deserved.
    Oh, and I loved the quote you left on my blog, thank you.
    You take care.

  2. Thank you. I get excited when you comment on my blog! Your words are like sinful chocolate on my lips. I have to read them out loud! But that is the way romantic writing should be.


  3. Michele, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and the award. I am so new at this, I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. I always enjoy your blog and you've introduced me to some very interesting new blogs. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Nice photo you have on google. :)

  4. Thanks for some new blogs to check out! I loved finding out more info about you...soccer! Wow. I definitely need to get more exercise.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Mason- I picked those I thought were interesting and deserving, but, like me, relatively new at this. We can all use the little extra jolt in the arm.

    Elizabeth- You must know I wanted badly to give an award to you, but I know you have several. I really wanted to pass them on mostly to knew blogs.
    Funny thing about soccer, I tried to get back into it again after giving birth to my second child (really, two weeks later), and that was my last attempt. This was after 20 years of playing and I think I'm finally sidelined. Aaahhh...


  6. Sounds like some very interesting blogs -- and they're all new to me! Thanks for the intro to them.

    Straight From Hel

  7. Congratulations on your award. I enjoyed reading the 10 facts. Now I'm looking forward to checking out these interesting sounding links. Oh...and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment.

  8. Helen-They are an eclectic group of blogs, better fodder for the writer, better reading for the blog-hopper!

    Jane-It was hard to think up 10 things. Thank goodness for googling! And I had meant to swing by your blog before, but now that I follow the link is always saved!

  9. Michele, Congrats on your award, and thanks for passing it along to me--I'm honored!

    Thanks also for highlighting some other worthwhile blogs. I'm going to check them out.

    (PS. My book can't come out fast enough for me, either!)

  10. Congratulations, and thanks for the award, I don't think I've deserved it in such a short period, but I am aware that my charms are irresistible :PPPPPP Just kiddin'

    "I used to read only male authors (for mysteries), thinking women were to girly. How close-minded was that? I have since seen the light..."
    I understand this fully. I must say I still enjoy reading and translating male authors much more than female ones. But the female author who really won me over with her fantastic storytelling talent is Beatrice Collin. She's the first female writer who stands proudly next to all the male writers in my private library. I've translated her wonderful book THE GLIMMER PALACE (in Europe it's THE LUMINOUS LIFE OF LILLY APHRODITE) and she immediately won my heart with her amazing writing skills.

  11. Dezmond- You've introduced me to a new author and totally proven your worth of this award! Plus now I get to learn 10 true things about you! The two (contemporary) female authors who did it for me were Louise Penny and Chelsea Cain. They aren't even comparable to each other, but both strong in their own right.

    明白- Unofortunately I wasn't able to check out your site due to my ignorance of the Chinese language, but I DID translate your screenname to mean "understand" in English, so I am hoping you will forgive me! Thank you for the kind compliment. I hope you sill stop by again!


  12. What? I have to write down ten true things about me??? :))
    OK, I promise I'll do it tomorrow, and send you the report ;P

  13. Thank you Michele! It was a thrill to be on your list (and at the top too :) I've discovered Alan's blog already (LOVE the monkeys in the title and the posts are pretty darn good too), and I'll check out the others asap.
    BTW I'm impressed by your competitive soccer history. I love the game, but in a strictly amateur capacity (my propensity for shin kicking--accidental I swear--kept me from getting far in the sport)

  14. Oh, Lorel, it was great to have an outlet for shin kicking! Competitive soccer is synonymous with "creative aggression." I hope more people swing by your blog - you have some very interesting posts! And I hope to learn more about you!

    Dezmond, Dezmond, Dezmond...You must do the work, shoddy Professor!


  15. BTW- the Chinese lady who commented earlier was actually someone trying to get hits on a "dating" service site. So I have removed her comment. So beware!

  16. Thanks Michele! I am so glad you like my blog. I plan to get my Honest Scrap post up ASAP. I am hoping it's as fascinating as yours. (but I doubt it. When I google my name...well...let's just say they aren't models. Eeesh.)

  17. Michele, I think I promised you TEN FACTS ABOUT ME :))

    1. I'm a vegetarian, not only because it suits my organism, but also because I adore animals sooo much.
    2. I speak Serbian, English, Russian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin,Hungarian and a few other languages but usually like to keep it a secret :))
    3. People say I'm an extremely tolerant person. Although I agree, and think that it will cost me sooner or later, there are a few human characteristics I never seem to be able to tolerate: cynicism, immaturity, ignorance and lack of ethics.
    4. I believe in spreading positive energy. Whenever I can, I try to send positive vibes to people. Even little things can change other peoples' lives, like a smile on the street to a total stranger which can brighten up his or her day, or giving compliments to people whenever you notice something beautiful about them. And everybody is beautiful.
    5. Since I'm a person with multiple interests and talents, many people constantly keep asking me for advices in my expert fields - psychology, nutrition, books, showbiz, history, geography, all kinds of design, cooking ....
    6. I'm also a fashion and interior designer (and should try to develop those talents more)
    7. Although most people believe I'm strong, reliable, indestructible, and they always keep putting me on some pedestal, they don't really know that deep inside I'm actually a normal person with deep emotions and a need for love and positive feedbacks.
    8. I believe the trade mark colour of my personality would be green. You have to figure out yourself why is that.
    9. I think I should have been born in New York, but for some reason destiny decided to punish me for some mistakes I probably made in some previous reincarnation, so I ended up in Serbia.
    10. I believe we are here for small little wonders, that are everywhere around us, but we just miss noticing them. Each little wonder makes your life being more wonderful. A smile. A hug. A flower. An animal. A kindred deed. A kiss. A snowfall. Frost in your window. A piece of heavenly chocolate. A warm cup of tea. A gift. To you. From you. These are all little wonders ....