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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contest Closed, Eyes Open

The announcement of my first writing contest came today.

Somehow I had managed not to worry about it in the two months between entering and receiving the news. But when my husband woke me at six with a steaming cup of coffee and a kiss (aaahhh...), my eyes opened wide and my first words were as romantic as his greeting, "Turn on my laptop!"

Unfortunately, I did not prove to be a fairytale, a prodigy. My first story written, my first contest entered did not earn the grand prize or even an honorable mention. But I feel surprisingly little disappointment. I feel real satisfaction in the piece I put forth, real pride in having put myself out there.

I had hoped to present that piece to you all now, but I don't have it! It is still in surgery with my hard drive. (Prayers they all make it out okay; it has been two weeks.)

But as this blog is, above all, a journal of my journey to publication, I wanted to share this moment. Hopefully I will get to quote Joan Cusack soon (any Hindmans reading this?).

The major positive? I can enter the piece again!


  1. The second time will do the trick. And good luck on the surgery with the hard drive, that can be most difficult. Looking forward to your story when you can post it.

  2. I'm excited to read your piece when you can post it.

  3. Thank you both. I will keep trying!

  4. I think it's great that you submitted! That's half the battle right there...getting your work into the right hands,whether it's a contest submission or a query. Congratulations on that!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth. You're right: putting yourself out there is the first step.

  6. Submitting in itself is rewarding. It means that you had material ready to be sent, which equates to the fact that you are taking writing seriously and not a mere hobby. Good for you!

  7. "This is my moment! This is my miracle!!!"