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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

The second edition of Sunday Foreign Post Roundup includes some interesting blogs new-to-me this week, as well as the point of the weekly post: to highlight those posts I think are must-reads.

New to me and now in my ever-expanding following file:
1. This first blog I discovered through Technorati. It is called The Emerging Writer's Network, and could lead to many great discoveries. Most unique are the separate lists for Bookseller Blogs, Lit Blogs, Literary Journals and Best of the Web-Online Journals.

2. Mark Terry's This Writing Life. The quick-witted author poses questions that provoke discussion. And it's not a child's playground. I like the edginess. His thrillers Serpent's Kiss and The Fallen are on my wishlist.

3. CC Chronicles is Creative Chronicler's personality amalgam. She has reviews. She has book giveaways. She even has a blog opera! You'll have to do your own leg work to find out more.

4. L. Diane Wolfe's Circle of Friends will make you breathe heavier, but you'll leave feeling happier. I swear, the woman even looks confident! But I love her blog and I'm glad I stumbled into it this week. I hope I stumble into it every week, and you should, too.

Interesting posts:
1. Even though you've probably already zoomed there from my earlier recommendation, Mark Terry posted a fantastic list of books crossing genres - from kids' reads to nonfiction. Beef up your Christmas list HERE.

2. Elizabeth Spann Craig is her usual eloquent self today with a post entitled "Leader." While the post concentrates on writing leaders and being leaders, the discussion takes it even further.

3. An interesting commentary on the short story by Jemi at Just Jemi. Many fear the short story will go the way of the mammoth, but the blog and the Internet seem to help it linger. What is your opinion? Visit Jemi to discuss.

4. Mason Canyon gives a One!Two! shot with her review of Dirty Little Angels. I will reveal nothing about the book here except to say that I have to read it after reading Mason's post, and you should read her post as well.

5&6. This one is a double shot: The Rap Sheet introduces a new-to-me author and raves about his British cop-duo series. That author is Christoper Fowler. I immediately clicked to his site, then his blog, which provided an unexpected list of books to read: nonfiction! I enjoy history and biographies (mostly on television), but I can't say I choose many nonfictions. (However, peruse my favorite books to the right and you'll find one.) Fowler clashes three seemingly different books in a way that baits my credit card.

I think this is the last update of the day...Until next Sunday!!


  1. Great list - I'll have to squeeze in some time to check out these blogs :)

  2. You always share such great post to check out. Thanks.

  3. Jemi - did you see yours at the end? Hope it was there by the time you checked. I can't search the blogosphere all at once with the kids running around, so it takes me a bit to find the most interesting ones...

    Mason- Thank you! Glad to keep you coming back! You set a high bar. : )

  4. Hi Michele - I found it via your comment on my blog :) Thank you!

    I know just how you feel!! I read the first time while drying my hair, am checking now after grocery shopping, and am now off to school :) Have a good one!

  5. Michele, thank you so much - I feel so humbled!

    And I'm glad you found CC's blog - Chris is an awesome person. (And a NC person as well.)

  6. All these NCers! Go Tar Heel State!

  7. Aren't you sweet! Thanks for the plug....and thanks for giving me some more interesting blogs to check out.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. You keep youre interesting, Elizabeth S.C., and we'll all keep reading! (No worries that you'll hold up your end.)

    No prob, Elizabeth B.


  9. Thanks for listing me! I feel honored to be listed with such great blogs!