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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1. I first showcased this blog last Sunday, but Murder is Everywhere gave us a post this week that sent my dreaming two-thirds into flight. The trip at the end of this link will be will be my reward for publication. Talk about a book lover's paradise...

2. New to me and should be on your list: Eyes 2 Page An Aspiring Author's Anecdotes. This specific post because I know where she is coming from.

3. We all know Twitter is here to stay, and that even congressmen and -women use it from the floor during presidential speeches (much to my and Jon Stewart's chagrin). But it can be so much more, and Helen has the scoop this week.

4. A new follower and a new blog to follow: The Cajun Book Lady. I know we have some YA lovers and writers on here, and we definitely have some Southerners!

5. While perusing links from The Literary Lab, I found Query Tracker through blogger Michelle Davidson Argyle. Thought this would be a helpful piece for any writers out there in the submission or near-submission stage.

6. POV was a big discussion point on here this week, and Simon kindly pointed out a blog that delves into the literary quite often. Check out the specific POV post, or the general blog for interesting discussions.

7. I may have mentioned this one before, but you've all seen Dezmond around on my blog (and several of yours now, too!). His is the great Hollywood Spy. I don't know how he does it, but somehow, from deep in Vojvodina (part of Serbia, very interesting history worth checking out), he manages to know the latest. So get your sexy/movie fix here. Plus, Dezz is super witty (and a professor) and this is One Cool Blog.


  1. Thanks, Michele, as always great new links to check out.

  2. POV has been my biggest challenge. I'm having my book re-edited to clean up the POV mistakes I've made, then I'll resubmit the MS to my publisher so all copies in 2010 will be much tighter and an easier read.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. Hey, Chels :) thanx for promoting my cinematic CIA/FBI/MI5 work in HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)
    How do I do it? Well, we spies have always worked globally no matter what our current position in the map was :)
    And thanx for calling my blog sexy :) I liked that compliment especially ;)

  4. Awesome links :) I'll check them out!

  5. Aaahhh...Anyone else feel like it's been a looooong weekend? Hope you all can sit back with some nice, fragrant coffee or hot chocolate or cider and browse.


  6. Great links, thanks for sharing.

  7. Ooohh, some more great links! Thanks, Michele!

  8. Thanks for another POV link! And Dezmond is amazing--he must be an ex-spy who's decided to do something good for society, by which I mean he doesn't keep all the goss to himself.

  9. Lorel what do you mean - "he must be an ex-spy"??? Don't you think it's in the nature of a true spy to work incognito for many different secret organisations while they all think he's working just for them? :))) But actually he's just like a Robin Hood, stealing infos from the rich studios and giving them away to masses :)