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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wish that we wish...can come true!

We wish for things and then we move on.  When we were small we held out hope those wishes would come true, those packages would be delivered, those ribbons would unfurl to reveal our deepest desires.  As adults we know more often than not we must make our own happiness, wrap our own gifts.

But today I bring you a story of wishes fulfilled.

On October 26th I blogged to you about a wish I had.  I wrote of something sinfully decadent.  Something extravagent and unnecessary, but so enticing to me I couldn't stop desiring it.  I didn't think anyone was really listening.

Two envelopes slipped themselves into my lap on Christmas Eve.  They were unassuming things, neatly wrapped in mint green paper and tied with gold ribbon.  They felt light and pliable in my hands and I couldn't for the life of me guess what they contained.  As my attention was torn between helping my children unsnarl the two thousand twist ties keeping their toys prisoner inside molded plastic and my own meager unwrapping, I barely noticed my fingers slip off the ribbon and remove the paper.

And then they were in my hands: eight sheets of glorious bookplates set to proclaim "Ex-Libris Michele Emrath."  I barely looked at them and I know I must have insulted the gift-giver, but they are so precious to me I had to hide away their colorful faces from the little faces that surrounded me!  I love them and I cannot wait to get home to Raleigh to place them in my 'chosen' books.

Said gift-giver is my sister-in-law Rachel.  You all know her as the wife of Scott, my brother-in-law Nick.  She is also a supporter of this blog and my writing, a mother of two beautiful little girls and an excellent giver of gifts.  In honor of our wishes this year and instead of physical gifts, she donated money to charity in my husband's name and helped provide prenatal care for six women in Afghanistan.  So not only does she have to put up with Nick/Scott, she has a heart for others and a knack for gift-giving.

For more on bookplates and their history, click here or check out Lew Jaffe's blog, Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie.

Postscript: I am driving my children home to Raleigh today, so I won't be available to comment. Catch you all tomorrow!


  1. I love seeing bookplates in used books I pick up. It seems to add a little history to them, someone loving them enough to put their mark on them then send them out into the world.

    Safe driving, and do enjoy selecting the recipients of the plates when you get home. :)

  2. How wonderful!
    Drive safe through the mountains, Michele.

  3. What a wonderful gift and a most thoughtful sister-in-law. Have a great trip and be safe.

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I love the idea of bookplates, extremely thoughtful!

  5. See sometimes what we wish for does come true! What a wonderful gift. Enjoy!

  6. oh I love bookplates! I have some lovely ones but they don't have my name printed on them. Gasp! I have to write it on. I want some personalized ones. I had the one with the cat as a child and some others I can't quite bring to mind.
    hope you have a swell time driving through the hills.

  7. Enjoy a safe trip! I love bookplates as well :) They are lovely! Enjoy.

  8. Wow, that's really cool! What a great gift! I'm happy for you!

  9. What a great gift, she sounds like a wonderful person. Love that cozy fireplace pictured.

  10. This posting has warmed my heart. Such a beautiful thought.

  11. Such a thoughtful gift!

    Hope you've had a safe trip. At least it's not raining yet...

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  12. I hope by now you've made it safely home. When you get a chance, drop by Thoughts in Progress - I have an award for you.
    Have a Happy New Year.

  13. Love bookplates! I don't have nearly enough for all my books. Wish I had a gift giver like Rachel.

  14. We did make it home - thank you for thinking of us, Mason! And thank you all for your kind words for Rachel. I did not have time to send her a message about this post, but I hope she saw it. Mason, I will stop by today - thank you for thinking of me! How kind!

    Off to take my husband out to breakfast for his birthday - he is 30!


  15. Awww Michele, your post brought tears to my eyes. It was the gift I was most excited about giving this year. I'm still on "vacation" so I have been minimally on the computer. Thank you so much for linking it for me and the kind words. I'm glad you made it home safe and look forward to spending time with you and your wonderful children again soon! Oh yeah, and Russ too!

  16. No problem, Rachel. It was about time you were recognized! I'm just sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. Memphis and Raleigh are too far away! And I'm glad we finally feel this way. ;)