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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

So it's been an interesting week. Not only are the holidays hitting me upside the head with the strength of Muhammad Ali, but work and my so-called social life took a giant bite out of my "free" time.

However, I did have time to find some new great blogs! And on those blogs (and on some great oldies), are some can't-miss posts...

So here they are:

1. I was familiar with neither her writings nor her status before The Rap Sheet announced Dorothy Gilman's ascension to the MWA Grand Master throne in 2010. The article includes other interesting bits about MWA, but Ms. Gilman is worth a further look, as is the quite intriguing list of past Grand Masters! That is a list from which we mystery writers should be reading.

2. "New blog to me" means I spent too much time on the Internet this week, but I am glad I stumbled upon this one. Stephanie Thornton claims she is "just a high school history teacher obsessed with Hatshepsut;" and if that doesn't have you hooked, try this quote:
"Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides compressed by a Thigh Master."
I won't ruin the surprise. Check out this post at her blog.

3. New ways to publicize books! Got your attention? The blogger at Chasing Empty Pavements certainly got mine this week. She recommends the site www.bookdrum.com - which says it takes the book "beyond the page." Skeptical? Wary? (I am!) Still worth checking out. At least swing by Chasing Empty Pavements for the writings of an enthusastic, young booklover.

4. Finally, I discovered two blogs nearly simultaneously. At Constant Revision, blogger Simon C. Larter said he was busy guest blogging at Carol's Prints. That is the How, now for the What. Turns out Simon is a lightning rod installation professional turned flash fiction expert (pun greatly intended), while Carol writes, in her words, "YA fantasy and paranormal romance ."
I highly recommend Simon's post on Flash Fiction on Carol's blog. If you can dissect that sentence, you'll find your way to worthy links!

As usual, I will update this throughout the day as time allows. Please include your Great Finds of the Week in your comments!

5. Already an addition...Cathy at Kittling Books does a weekly roundup as well, and she recommended Murder is Everywhere. I checked it out, and I recommend it, too! Writers from four continents come together on one blog. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like great links. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday. Hope it's not raining there like here.

  2. New places to go! Thanks, Michele.

    And Mason...it's raining here in NC. Bleh. :(

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. I know a couple of those blogs, but I'll check out the others - thanks!

    No rain here! We've got a few more inches of snow expected today. Pretty out there right now :)

  4. It is raining on and off, but definitely gloomy. Perfect mystery writing weather! But, off to church...

    Enjoy the links!

  5. Thanks for the round-up!

    I've signed on to follow them. Interesting new takes on writing and life are always welcome and more than a little helpful.

    Cheers, Jill

  6. Well, shucks, good lady. Thanks for the links! And where'd you find that nifty pen-'n'-lightning pic? Now that's cool!

    And I should mention one other nifty blog I found this week: yours. :)

    P.S. I'm decent at it, but I'm not a flash expert, no matter what my lovely and hyperbolic online friends may say... *cough* (Carol) *cough* ... :)

  7. Michele, just wanted to ask you what does expression CHASING PAVEMENTS actually mean in English language? British songstress Adele had had a hit with the same name last year, and now I see a blog in your list named like that?

  8. Thanks for sharing these great links!

  9. Jill- Yay for new blogs and new followers. It's a season for sharing. : )

    Simon- Speaking of sharing, PicApp is a free picture source. (Secret: I get most of my blog pics from there.)
    And thanks for the compliment. One good turn deserves another.

    Dezmond- According to the Urban Dictionary, 'chasing pavements' means "A fruitless activity. Tring to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope." This link even mentions Adele's song and a misinterpretation.

    Cathy- Always good to have a Grand Master on my blog. PaperbackSwapping away!

  10. Thanks, Michele, you've helped me solve a mystery :)

  11. Thanks for the link, Michele! I really appreciate it! That's a nice photo of Hatshepsut- I think that's one of her statues from the Met.

    Now I have even more blogs to distract me from work! :)

  12. Oh, Michele, thank you for the mention! Very kind of you! I'm looking forward to our exchanges a well. I will most definitely be checking out the blogs up there I haven't seen yet!

  13. Dezmond- No problem. Mysteries are my game. ;)

    Stephanie- I tried to look up its provenance, but couldn't find it. You'd know more than I. It IS a nice piece. I look forward to learning more about her through you!

    Carol- I had seen you around some other posts before, but am always glad to mention worthy blogs on here! Key word being *worthy,* with me being the only judge! So take that for what you think it's worth. ;) I, of course, think it's a compliment to you! Ha!

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  15. Skeptical? Wary? Don't be! Thanks for mentioning www.bookdrum.com and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Hector Macdonald
    Author of The Mind Game and Editor of Book Drum