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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Write Around the World: Wrapping up our tour

It's been more than a week of globetrotting, bloghopping, and exciting reading.  Many new followers have signed up to read whatever I might put here next.  And many more swung by to see what their favorite bloggers had to say in the six guest posts featured here in the last week and a half.  To all who paused or came to stay, thank you and welcome!  To all who took the time to creat fantastic posts, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Write Around the World more-than-a-week was an exciting trek because of your effort.

Would you like to see exactly where we went?

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I started us off with Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC--both in the U.S.
Clarissa Draper took us to London and Mexico.
Leighton Gage showed us the uncompromising highs and lows of Brazil.
Debbie Cowens taught us something new about New Zealand.
Jackee Alston went all out in the first-ever-on-SoCityMysts vlog featuring the Southwest United States.
And Cold As Heaven wrapped up the tour with a look at living and writing in Winterland.

I don't have any other series planned, but I'm sure something will strike me in the future.  What is coming is the Sunday Foreign Post Roundup you all missed this past weekend!  Yep, I've been keeping track of some great links, but opted to keep the Write Around the World posts going through my usual Sunday roundup.  However, next Sunday is Halloween!  So I'll start with an especially appropriate link and include some spoooooky pictures.  It will also be a double issue--two weeks worth of the best links around the blogosphere!

Again, thanks to all who participated and all who came by to read and comment.  Writing is truly universal, something that has brought us together from around the world!


  1. Enjoyed your Around the World series. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next (I know it will be interesting and intriguing).

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Michele - Thanks for this summing-up :-). And thanks very much for hosting this Around the World series. What a terrific idea it was!!! I enjoyed all of the posts, and I am looking forward to your spooooky Sunday post :-)

  3. Just read the last one -- Winterland looks amazing! Many of us just tolerate the snow in Canada, but there's plenty of skiers and snowmobilers who eagerly await it. I just grudgingly make my shovel more accessable :P

  4. I just discovered your blog-- I too am a mystery lover-- but missed your write around the world series. Looking forward to more!


  5. A great week and lots to look forward to. Can't wait.


  6. I learned some amazing things. Thanks to all, especially you, Michele, for hosting and coming up with the idea!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Jackee

  7. This as a very enjoyable series. I'm in awe of all the things you come up with.

  8. Thanks for organising and hosting the Round the World writing series. I really enjoyed them.

  9. It was a fantastic tour, Michelle. Thanks for putting it together for us. And thank you too to all your guest bloggers for the wonderful posts. I am really sorry I couldn't take part, but one day when I can breathe, I will do a similar post on my muse city, and link back to you.

  10. Congratulations on a well-done tour, Michele!

  11. Mason- Thanks for the confidence!

    Margot- The "spook" will all be in the links...so give me some good stuff, guys!

    Will- We actually bought our snow shovel in Phoenix, AZ, believe it or not. We used it to shovel rock for our xenoscape!

    KarenG- No time like the present to read back posts! Welcome, and I enjoy your blog as well.

    Clarissa- Thanks for contributing!

    Alex- Me, too. :)

    Jackee- You're welcome and thanks to you, too, again!

    Mary- Shucks, Mary, thanks! The pressure now...

    Debbie- Thanks to you for participating!

    Rayna- I'd love to hear about writing and living in India. Hope you have the time to do that!

    Elizabeth- Thanks so much. Wasn't as much work on my part as everyone else's!

  12. Oh, man, I missed this! I'll have to go back and catch up. :-)

  13. Oh dear, not a single pin placed in my home continent. And Africa is such a fascinating, wonderful, complex place to live and visit.

    Will enjoy catching up with all the other world visits though!

  14. You really were traveling 'round the world. Thanks for putting up the map.

  15. Gah! I missed it all??! What is wrong with me! I've been so busy I missed it all!