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Sunday, October 31, 2010

HALLOWEEN Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

Does the mysterious and scary excite you?  Are you interested in spells?  Do you have someone or something you want to curse?  How about love?  Leighton Gage has the link for all that ails you...Spells online for your every need!  (Oh, yeah, you'll also need a Portuguese/English (or whatever your native tongue) dictionary.)

**Pics here are of the ever-fabulous Heidi Klum at her famous Halloween party.  The last picture is a sneak preview of this year's costume.
All posts except the headline and the first are in the order in which I read them, starting back on Sunday, Oct. 17th.
1. And topping the link list (even though it's out of order, but b/c it's awesome) in non-scary, absolutely fantastic news is: CLARISSA DRAPER'S MANUSCRIPT ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION!  I read the news on KarenG's blog, Coming Down the Mountain, but make sure you go by Listen to the Voices to congratulate Clariss!  Congrats, congrats, congrats!

2. Mrs. Pig performs and autopsy and Mr. Teddy Bear leaves pawprints...all as Debbie Cowans takes us through the ABCs of forensics.

Designer Mark Bouwer,
3.  The battle we all fight in our writing: Good vs. Evil, at Rayna's Coffee Rings Everwhere.

4.  A movie reviewer with a really intelligent approach to the industry.  Some great reviews at Film Intel, and definitely check out this well-researched (and Dez-quoting!) post on Angelina Jolie in Bosnia.

5.  Help out your fellow man--in this case WOman--by entering "the sweetest frickin' contest ever and change the frickin' world."  Over at The Misadventures in Candyland!
6.  A compilation of the best of British crime writers (volume 7), and blogger-friend Paul D. Brazill will be included in the next volume!  Congrats to him.

 7.  And Icelandic author travels to the US...Yrsa Sigurðardóttir talks about what she observed--and it's eye-opening to see it from someone else's POV!

8.  Children of detectives in crime fiction.  Margot Kinberg pulls it off again--another great post!


9.  Looking for a scare?  Check out Palindrome's scary movie recommendation...I'll definitely be renting this one!
10.  Ever wonder about those letters you see strung together on writers' blogs?  MS, MG, YA, LI...yep, some were even new to me on Clarissa's list of Writers' Acronyms.

11.  If you like my link roundups, you'll love this link list at Grasping for the Wind (also had our friend/author Alex J. Cavanaugh featured on Monday).

12.  You will laugh, you will cringe, and you will definitely relate to this post by Jen Daiker on writing and telling: Sour Patch Kids.

 13.  Taxation for bloggation?  Oh, yeah, Philadelphians.  Check out the article on Helen's Straight From Hel.

14.  Debbie Cowans second edition of Forensics Alphabet.  So awesome, with stuffed animals!

15. Be afraid...be very afraid...Links from Shannon O'Donnell...

Heidi Klum 2010, courtesy Stylist.com


  1. Happy Halloween to you and your family. Great links as always. And the photo, oh my.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Hope you and the family are having a lovely Halloween Michele.
    And I wouldn't mind seeing you wearing that Heidi's costume from 2003 :) I'm sure it would look superb on you :))))

  3. Look at all the linkage! I love!!! Heidi Klum's outfit is awesome!

  4. Mason- I know, right? Happy Halloween!

    Dez- Oh, you sweet thing! I am flattered and it just might hit my closet for next year! This year I wore an Indian sari...I'll have to post a pic!

  5. Michele - These pictures are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. And of course, thanks for sharing those great links. Um *blush*, including mine :-). I love being able to look back and catch up on links I've missed...

  6. Grasping for the Wind is a cool site - I'm sure John is happy you mentioned it!

  7. I found that post by the Icelandic writer on America very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Halloween >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  8. Thank you for the fabulous links, and for including one of mine in the list.
    You wore a saree for Halloween- I really do want to see pics- bet you looked lovely.

  9. Those are some great Halloween costume photos. Thanks for the link. I've just posted up I-L in the Forensic Alphabet series today.