Fear in Writing: Fellow blogger releases first book TODAY!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fellow blogger releases first book TODAY!

Because of my issues with getting today's Write Around the World post up today (see earlier post), I have an open spot to showcase a fantastic event...Alex J. Cavanaugh's release date!  That's right: CassaStar is on the shelves and ready for reading.
Who is Alex J. Cavanaugh?  A web designer and graphic artist by trade (and now a published author!), he's passionate about all things ScyFy, music, movies, and his wife (from whom I'd love to hear, how about you all?  Anyone else second a blog post from Mrs. J. Cavanaugh?).  He lives in "the Carolinas," which is where I live, except when he says it is means two whole states on the East Coast of the US, so I'm still not sure if we're neighbors.  But I do know he has been by Southern City Mysteries before, and you can read his guest post here.

He is a great blogger and now has a book out there...I'm certainly getting my own copy!  And if you, too, want to hold CassaStar in your hands, here are some ways to purchase:
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Amazon's Kindle
Also available for the iPad, Nook, and other eBook formats.

Congratulations, Alex!


  1. Thanks, Michele!

    And we're not THAT far away...

  2. I'm so excited for Alex! He deserves this :)

  3. Alex is just all over blogsphere today!!!

    Look forward to your next installment of Round the World. Incidentally, CaH is one of those rare bloggers who is not female. And he wears black shirts!

  4. it is great when you see a fellow blogger become a published author - i have a feeling every blogger would love to be paid for blogging professionally! Well done again.