Fear in Writing: Write Around the World: Jackee Alston on the SW United States

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Write Around the World: Jackee Alston on the SW United States

Back to our round-the-world tour of great writing locations and settings.  Our tour guide today will be Jackee Alston, who combines the worlds of natural science and art to create Middle Grade and Young Adult books.  She lives in Northern Arizona (a beautiful and very clean part of the country, as I have lived there myself) and raises her three children around books and nature.

For the first time ever...I present Jackee Alston with a vlog!

(removed by author, see corrected post)

If you want to know more about Jackee, visit her bio page on her blog, Winded Words.  You can also read some of her work while you're there!  Thank you, Jackee, for this creative guest post, and this fascinating look into a world that is unfamiliar to many.  The SW is a truly mesmerizing place.

Monday, Cold As Heaven takes us to Winterland for the last stop on our Write Around the World Tour.  In fact, Cold says they had their first snow just last week.  See you there...dress warmly!


  1. Bummer the audio isn't working! YouTube said it wasn't authorized and had been disabled.

  2. How could vlog audio not be authorized? It's not like her voice is copyrighted! But, I'll check out her blog.

  3. I know, Clarissa! It's ridiculous. Anyway, I'm trying hard to fix the problem. Thanks for your patience, everyone. :o)

  4. Youtube hates me, people, HATES me. :o) Please feel free to visit my blog to see (and hear!) the vlog. Thanks!

    The addy:

  5. Michele - Thanks for hosting Jackee.

    Jackee - Sorry I couldn't hear this :-(. I'll be sure to pay a visit to your blog.

  6. Glitches drive me batty - I'll pop over to Jackee's to hear it :)

  7. Sorry all...I am working to reload the new file Jackee sent me.