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Today in Literary History...December 14, 1907: Rudyard Kipling receives the Nobel prize for literature, the first English-language writer to do so.ud

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1.  Actually from the week prior, but a very good lesson for all writers and speakers of the English language.  Crystal always has the best and clearest lessons!

2.  A cat walked into a bar and said "Ouch!"  Just kidding.  This one is about diversions!  Distracted?  Let Elizabeth Spann Craig teach you how to write them well (better than this one, anyway).

3.  Simon reviews a Cinderella story.  Yep, you read that correctly--and he liked it!  Read his review and you, too, will be caught up in the story by fellow blogger/writer Michelle Davidson/Lady Glamis.

4.  An honest and funny reaction to getting The Call.  Plus, a cool cover and an exciting new release from debut YA author, Mindi Scott.

5.  Reading challenges galore!  Check out Rose City Reader's list--some she's hosting and several hosted by others.  If you're into reading, this is the link for you.

6.  A list for readers and writers of noir.  Paul Brazill brings you plenty to click through at 'You Would Say that, Wouldn't You?'

7.  Critiques--how to take the bad with the good, and how important critiques are to a writer (Jan Morrison at Crazy Jane).

8.  The Hot Word blog--each day bringing you the history behind a different word or concept.  Hosted by Dictionary.com, but really interesting.


  1. Thanks for the hat tip. I'll be checking out your list!

  2. Michele - I always love your round-ups. It's such a helpful tool for me to go back and catch what I've missed or explore something new. Thanks :-)

  3. Always finds new and interesting links here on your Sunday post. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Must have been zoned out all week because I missed every one of these but I'll check them out.
    Thank you for the award. I am floored! I'll be posting about it on Tuesday.

  5. Some great posts. Thanks. Love when people do these line ups.


  6. Paul- Thanks for stopping by and appreciate your list.

    Margot- Thanks, Margot! It's hard to catch everything every week.

    Mason- Well, thanks. So glad I can be helpful.

    Mary- Can't wait to read your post...and I've had weeks like that.

    Clarissa- Lots of great bloggers out there, so I like to think this roundup helps bring them together!

  7. Thanks for the links Michele! :)

  8. Snazzy links; thanks for sharing! I love to explore new blogs.

    And thank you for featuring me on your last Sunday Roundup. :)