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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1.  Art focuses on the bum, one aspiring author's take: Butt, is it Art?

2.  Words come together in fabulous form on Crystal Clear Proofing: Words Matter Week.

3. This blogger grabbed two spots on today's Roundup, the first is a list of crime conventions across the pond (for me)...And I long to make the trip!  UK Spring Crime Festivals from Mystery Fanfare.

4. Second from Janet Rudolph at Mystery Fanfare--a list of Oscar-themed mysteries!  (The Academy Awards are tonight, don't forget!)

5. Haute Couture, Ancient Egyptian Style--your favorite ancient Egyptian guru, Stephanie Thornton of Hatshepsut, brings it around to fashion, and oh, is it worth the read!

6.  The pet psychic and Thor's hammer...just read. :)

7. Alex J. Cavanaugh comes through with something mind boggling: a decidely low-tech but amazing cause-and-effect video!  Watch it, you won't regret the time spent.

8.  Ever notice the differences between books published in the U.S. and the UK?  Great article here at The Millions, and I'll give credit to Cathy at Kittling Books for pointing the way.  She posts a great link roundup on Fridays--click here for this week's list.

9.  Couture blog gives us leading ladies of Hitchcock (and a small festival for Hitchcock lovers on TCM).  This is also a great new-to-me blog on fashion.

10.  Elizabeth Spann Craig takes on literacy.  Be prepared to get emotional.  (And for ways you can help, click on The Literacy Site button in the righthand columb of this blog, or check out The Literacy Project and The National Institute for Literacy.)

11.  Author J. Sydney Jones writes about Vienna, and today he introduces an author who puts just as much stock in "place" as "character."  I love books like this and am adding Michael Genelin's series (and Jones'!) to my TBR list.  You can read about both here.  (Lots of other author's who write this way on Jones' blog--check them out.)

12.  I don't know why this site is new to me, since Wendy (aka Quillfeather) obviously follows many of your blogs, but it is!  Today I discovered W.M. Morell's Musings from Down Under and a new SciFi author there, Graham Storr.  Read Wendy's interview with Storr here.

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  1. A another list of great links and wonderful sites to check out. The vast variety of topics available through blogs is unbelievable at times. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for posting these, I'm going to go through and look through them.


  3. Great roundup; great blog. Just wanted to let you know that I'm here following from Carol's, Simon's, Wendy's, and Kimberly Franklin's blogs among others. :)

  4. Always looking forward to new interesting blogs, thanks for stopping by with a comment, and leading me to new places... appreciate it.


  5. I love roundup posts! Thank you for all the great links.
    And for recommending that site to me!

  6. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I thought that video was amazing. Those guys put so much into setting it all up.

  7. Great links :) I had a tough week and missed a few, so I really appreciate the list!

  8. Mason- You're welcome and you're right--so much information out there.

    Anne Elle- Take your time and enjoy. :)

    SarahJayne- Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Being Me- You're welcome, and thanks for coming to a new place!

    Diane- Anytime. :)

    Alex- REALLY amazing.

    Jemi- I hope this next week is better for you. I've had weeks like that.

  9. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Most kind of you. I apologize for my lack of attention to your good site. Have been unplugged for the last week or so.

    Many great blogs to check out. Thanks :)