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Friday, March 26, 2010

Contest Re-Up

Hi all...It's been a busy week and I have not been around the blogs as much as I would have liked.  Freelance work was good to me this week--three producing shifts at the tv station.  That being said, I've missed you guys!

So, with a lack of good ideas to publish today, I will repost this week's contest.

Guess each of the following writers (key word: writers, not authors), based on the locations in which they place their characters.  For more on this contest, see Tuesday's post.

Location, location, lcoation...
Louisiana: deep in the country but really only miles from a city steeped in despseration and devastation.
New York City: at the height of the Wall Street 90s, hedonism, neon, and flesh on every sidewalk.

Rome: in every church and every underground passage, the stones bleed history.

Nashville: the Athens of the South, eye-catching architecture and history-making locations spread across one of America's fastest growing cities.

Louisiana: awarded the Edgar Award twice for Best Crime Novel of the Year.
New York City: had his best-known book made into a movie starring Christian Bale.
Rome: one of the best-selling and most controversial authors of all times.
Nashville: unpublished writer.

Guess all four and you win the book of your choice by one of the authors!


  1. Louisiana: James Lee Burke
    New York City: Bret Easton Ellis
    Rome: Dan Brown
    Nashville: Michele Emrath

    This is my guess.

    Fun contest.


  2. I had the last three, but not the first!

  3. Glad you had some good tv shifts! I might have gotten one correct, but that's it!

  4. Not a clue for the top two, but I've definitely heard of Dan Brown (Rome) and Michele Emrath (Nashville)!

  5. Ann Elle-- You totally got it! I am reading American Psycho right now, and I couldn't resist putting myself in there. I mean, this blog is about ME, right? Dan Brown was the easy one, but way to go!

    Now you get to pick...Plenty of Burke's to pick from, and a few Ellises as well. I don't know if you have read all of Brown's, and there aren't any Emraths out there yet...Let me know!

    Next time, Alex. :)


  6. Hey Michele, I have something waiting for you at my blog. :)

  7. I will let you know. I'd sure love to read your book, how soon will you be done?


  8. You have an award at my site today, Michele!