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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breathless for Ireland's breakout writer

Tana French's books leave me breathless.  They are psychological mysteries written with such intensity that I don't know where the story narrator ends and the story begins.  Does that make sense?  The blending of storytelling and action, hard-edged police procedural and ethereal Irish poetry, makes me want to jump in an bathe in her words.

How does she do it?  How does she get the psychology so spot on?  The characters so flawed but believable?  The Irish conflicts so interesting but not overwhelming?

French's first novel In the Woods soared onto my favorites list, something a book has done in a long time.  (My favorites list is mostly made of up classics and those I have read long ago, or over and over for years.)  Now, her The Likenss replaces that book on my favorites list and I itch for her next masterpiece.  I love finding writers I can gobble up with a spoon!

But I have to pause a bit after her.  Her books leave you with something and take something out of you.  They aren't harmless bits of paper, but rather pulsating stories that make you think and feel and desire.

Pick one up.  I dare you.

Anyone else having trouble scheduling posts?  I schedule them to post each AM, but I wake up and they haven't done so!  Anyone else?
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  1. Hmm it's so tempting I think I'm going to have to check it out!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about having to pause after reading certain books. You get so into the book and become a part of the story - it really does leave an imprint on you. I've never read Tana French but she's now on my endless TBR list!

  3. I was reading this book on the plane to and from Dallas over the weekend, and several ladies sitting near me asked about the book. They all wrote it down with the (possible) intention of purchasing/reading it later. Further proof that physical books are their own advertisement over Kindles or Nooks!

  4. This is probably the best book cover I have ever seen! I love it!

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. I always love to hear of a new author, thank you!

  6. What a strong recommendation! I'll look for her books.

    No problems on my end with Blogger, although it doesn't shock me at all. :) Blogger is notoriously buggy...you are hitting "publish" when you schedule and not "save draft"? I know that's a dumb question, but I know someone on another blog I'm on that had problems with that. Even when you're scheduling it in advance, you hit 'publish'.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  7. Wow - sounds like powerful stuff! I'll have to try out one of her books!

  8. You make her work sound irresistible. I will check it out!
    And I left an award for on my blog, Michele.

  9. I love pshyco thrillers and am outlinging one in the Stephen King mode. I saw Shutter Island last night. My kind of story. And I gave up on scheduling posts. They just don't seem to work.

    Stephne Tremp

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  11. It's late, I'll try again. Tana French is a wonderful writer and storyteller! Her books are about how people deal with their flaws as they move through life. Flaws aren't something to be put right at the end of the story, they're ingrained, part of who the character is. This is psychological mystery at its best. Thank you so much for the excellent review. This is my sub-genre and it seldom gets a nod.

  12. You should all move to Wordpress!! Post scheduling works there! (LOL. It worked for me at Blogger too; I'm just heading the Wordpress express.)

    I love when a book 'leaves you with something and takes something out of you.' That's exactly what a book should do!!

    Thanks for the strong recommendation, Michele. :)


    from the desk of a writer

  13. Alright--Blogger is a pain, and yes, Elizabeth, I know which button you mean. I messed up a couple times that way, but I know recently I've been getting it right.

    Stephen- I want to see that movie! And that is a GREAT book, too, if you're looking for another read.

    VR- You got it exactly right! Glad someone else is recognizing her genious...I didn't realize this was your sub-genre, now I'm even more intrigued by what you're working on!

    Corra- I hear great things about Wordpress. A move is just too much work right now. I am a little winded by this one now, though. I keep trying to start another book and failing.

    Lorel- Thank you!