Fear in Writing: Eggs

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Monday, March 29, 2010


I am working on my award post but it is taking a lot more thought and energy than anticipated.  Therefore, here are some egg-celent photos to crack you up in the meantime.  I will start and end with crime eggs, per the purpose of this blog.

Happy Egg Week.  (I mean, you can't really say eggs and bunnies are connected with Easter...)

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  1. I like the mustache on the one in the 2nd to last picture. Obviously a cop, right? ;-)

  2. Those are hysterical!! Love the licking egg! I'm not sure I can have any eggs this weekend :)

  3. I love these photos, they are so funny.


  4. Those are hilarious!

    Do you know where the bunnies and eggs come from for Easter? They were symbols of fertility during Europe's pagan days. When the Christians took over, they put Easter on the day of a major fertility rite and viola! Eggs and bunnies abound!

  5. I love that kind of creativity. I'm planning on posting about Eggs next Tuesday, but not in that way. It will be a post called E is for Eggs or something like that. It will part of an alphabetical blog challenge.

    I’d like to invite you and your readers to join us in a blogging challenge for the month of April. Check it out at Blogging From A to Z


  6. Too funny. I loved the expressions on the bystanders in the top photo! The third one from the left looks like he's faking surprise to me. He should definitely be grilled about what he knows--or possibly poached :)

  7. They're so cute. Happy Easter, Michele!

  8. These are just so wonderful. Such clever cartooning. Thanks for passing them on.

  9. oh, those are the cutest eggs ever!

  10. These are great! And they remind me that I need to dye eggs with the kids...

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  11. Michele - Me again :) I've got an award for you over at my blog!

  12. What fun! Those were wonderful!

  13. I love food art. Its so much fun to look at. People can be so creative with the simplest of items around them.

    Stephen Tremp

  14. Stephanie, I have always wondered.

    Arlee- Welcome, and thanks for the invite! I'll try to stop by.


    All of you--Happy Easter and so glad you enjoyed them!