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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mailbox Monday on Tuesday, Bull Riding, and Other News

First, for the answer to my "Creative Writer" lies!
2. In college I rode a mechanical bull to level four.
Nope.  I was born in Houston and grew up in a suburb of Nashville, but not exactly in the kind of family where you learn to ride a bull.  And, in college, I was never sober enough to hold on to level four anyway!
3. I have driven from coast to coast on US highways 10 and 40.
Close--I lived in Phoenix for three years and drove Hwy 10 left to the Pacific and right to Texas.  I have also lived in Houston and driven a bunch of the same highway, as well as bits and pieces through the Southeast, but not quite the whole stretch.
I-40 is a closer match--I have driven every inch of it except between Kingman, AZ and Barstow, California.  That is 205.5 miles I am missing!
4. After a flight to New York I found out Edward Norton was on the same plane as me. I nearly fainted with frustration, as he is my favorite actor and backup husband (he just doesn't know it yet).
Oh, I wish.  TRUTH: he really is my backup husband.  LIE: I've never been on a plane with him--that I know of!  Now I'm scared that I've unknowingly missed my chance!  I lied myself into paranoia!
5. I know someone right now living in every state in the United States.
This one took some work to figure out.  I sort of threw it out there without knowing if it was true or not, and I am not counting blogger friends--not that you don't count, it would just be too easy to say this is true, then!
By my count, I do NOT know someone in about eight states.  They are spread out, too--from the Dakotas to Maine.
6. I have the sweetest Southern Belle accent you ever did hear. Listenin' to me is like sippin' sugar.
I do NOT have a Southern accent!  I grew up in an area of Nashville (Brentwood) that eschewed country flair.  Also, I prepared for my TV journalism career, beginning in middle school, and was highly aware of how I sounded.  Today, if you get me drunk (which only takes one drink these days!), I will give you a little country twang, but it is not my normal voice.

And that leaves...
1. I once saw Kirk Cameron at a gas station in L.A. and all I could think to say was, "I like your car." (He was driving a black Jaguar convertible.)
Yes!  This odd moment in history is the truth amidst lies!  I was 15 and in California for a national soccer tournement when my parents decided to tack on a family vacation to L.A.  It was a fantastic trip--hair and makeup done on Rodeo drive, tour of classic Hollywood stars' homes, movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  We were tourists just getting gas in our rental car, when who pulled up beside us?  Every 1980s pre-teen's dream--Kirk Cameron!  I was brave and walked up to him, got his autograph and say, "I like your car."  And that is my Hollywood moment.

Mailbox Monday (on Tuesday)
This is, by far, my favorite meme, and I am always too involved in another post to participate.  However, this past week was a great week for new books coming into my home, so I am doing a special tagalong edition of Mailbox Monday today, on Tuesday.  The meme is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page, and I was reminded about it by Cathy at Kittling Books.  Check out both their blogs for great posts and new reads!
New books that came into my home last week...
1. Christopher Fowler's The Ten Second Staircase, via PaperbackSwap
2. Mark Mills' The Savage Garden, via PaperbackSwap
3. Michael Stanley's A Carrion Death, via PaperbackSwap new PBS Market
4. Sandi Ault's Wild Penance, which I won at A.F. Heart's blog, Mysteries and My Musings

I am currently reading Bangkok Haunts, the third in John Burdett's Sonchai Jitpleecheep series.  (I thought it was the second book, and I am a bit confused at points, so I recommend reading this series in order.)  There are some really beautiful and interesting photos of Thailand on Burdett's site, so I recommend clicking that link.  I am less than 20 pages from finished with this read, and will next tackle some historical mystery--Tasha Alexander's A Fatal Waltz.

What books did you borrow, buy or steal this past week?  What are you reading now?

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  1. I'm very happy with your choice of backup husband, you have my blessings :))

  2. Those were interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    This week I'm reading "SEALed with a Ring" and "Letter To My Daughter."

  3. Awww, thanks, Dez! :)

    Mason--I saw SEALed with a Ring on your blog the other day, sounds interesting. Hope you let us know how it is!

  4. Kirk Cameron! That really IS random! You must have been really GOOD at soccer.

    I'm reading "The Help" now. Enjoying it!


  5. I'd like to try bull riding though...

  6. Enjoyed the meme and the truth and lies, lol. I'm doing so much writing and editing for other writers right now I'm behind in my reading. I just won from another blogger's contest a whole BOX of books, too ... sigh, an author's work is never done, hmm?

    The Old Silly

  7. LOL, great meme.
    I haven't stolen any books this week...yet...but I have borrowed Animal Vegetable Miracle and Good Omens...

  8. And Michele thank you for passing along the FlamingNet review of my book! I really appreciate that.

  9. Never sober enough in college? Tsk...tsk...tsk. :)

  10. I'm reading Catching Fire right now and loving it. Unfortunately it's report card season & I'm having a hard time squeezing reading time in. It's really well done.

  11. Finally! I was dying to hear which was the truth. I've never asked a star for an autograph (though I've seen a few). You are so brave! Guess that's why were a soccer star :)

  12. Alex- I suppose you should win something...Satisfaction? :P

    Elizabeth- Totally random. And I forgot to say it was at a Phillips 76 gas station! So my family has an ongoing joke about that place now.

    Diane- I bet you could do it, too. :)

    Marvin- We should ALL be able to put aside our pleasures for our writing. I applaud you! And welcome to SCM.

    Sharazad- Hey stranger! It's been too long! I have heard good things about Animal Vegetable Mineral. Hope to hear more form you!

    Diane (again)- You're welcome. I really am going to read your books one of these days! And I look forward to that.

    Jemi- You are so busy. I don't know how you have time for anything! I hope a little reading is doing you good. God Bless, Jemi.

    Lorel- It's funny, now I am so UNimpressed by celebrity. I'm not sure if it is the Internet or my generation or maturity, but I certainly don't have his signature any longer. He was so cute to a teenager!