Fear in Writing: My resume, my kids

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My resume, my kids

I was accepted to every college to which I applied.
I had to remind myself of that yesterday as the rain poured and the children screamed and the clock ticked away in interminable seconds.

I lost twenty pounds this year.
My accomplishments kept me moving as I sliced vegetables between shifts of opening crayon boxes and retrieving dropped play-dough accessories.

I wrote my first short story and submitted it for judgement within six months of starting my writing career.
This as the tears mimicked the rain. It was the onions, I sware.

I am THE producer of News 14's live high school football show, four years running...and I don't even work there!
The last play-dough shape hit the ground, right next to the tenth crayon, and I was done. I can corral editors, photographers, directors, anchors, satellite techs, and associate producers for an adrenaline-rushed half-hour of TV, but I can't keep my kids in order while I fix dinner. Damn.

And then I laughed, because what else can you do? And they laughed, too.
They have no idea what my resume says. But when Mommy laughs I am their hero.


  1. Irony; not a fan? I've had exactly these same thoughts at one time or another. My kids didn't care that I had a University degree as they were painting their highchairs with Pablum. I learned to take a deep breath and know I was doing the right thing. Kids grow and you get part of your life back.

    I admire your drive. *applause for you!*


  2. I don't know if it's drive or inertia, or if those are the same thing.

    Drive=to move by force or compulsion. Inertia=retaining state of movement as long as not acted upon by external force. Okay. So it couldn't be inertia! Plenty of external forces! One more point on my scoreboard, thanks!