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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Finds...time for a new bookcase

I discovered Louise Penny. And I really shouldn't say 'discovered' because, as I was pleased to find out after racing through her first book, she released Armand Gamache mystery #5 this year! Reading Penny is like reading Agatha Christie, with more words and an updated vocabulary. But there is still the dated feel, the cottage-appeal, the desire to curl up in the scene Penny paints. And there is no slack in the mystery!
So I discovered Penny's first book, Still Life, last Thursday. I rushed right out to buy it, and finished it by Saturday morning. I couldn't put it down - not because it was a thrill-a-minute, but because I didn't want to leave the people. This week I ordered all the rest and will start on A Fatal Grace when I get through Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (really great read, but a bit slower and dryer).

I also discovered (and quickly bought) Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen series. Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrove Manor await beside the stack of Pennys. I think I heard of it through Friday Finds either last week or the week before. I'm finding more and more books through blogs!

And another series I'm excited to try: Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series. And Only to Deceive is beckoning to me. We'll see...I haven't done historical fiction in a while, and I seem to be on a female author kick (save Stieg Larsson).

So those are my finds and I am guilty of rushing right out to buy them all. I was saving one from last week to buy at an independent bookstore in Raleigh, but I'm going to have to give in and just order it b/c the place is out of the way. (Isn't that the charm and the hitch of indies?) I'll keep you all updated on my journey into the world of Elizabeth Spann Craig.


  1. Great finds! That's the type of book I strive to write -- one the reader can't seem to put down.

  2. My first Louise Penny was Still Life, great book. Suggested by my Library Director who reads ALL the time. Can't wait to read Brutal Telling.
    Reader in Oklahoma