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Thursday, October 8, 2009

look outside and WRITE!

Today I went for a walk. I didn't go to a park or to a national heritage site. I didn't go anywhere, actually, except my own yard.
I woke this morning and looked outside at the glorious October sun trying its damndest to break through the Fall chill and I had to experience it for myself. It was glorious! I hope the pictures you see here do a bit of justice to it. I hope you can feel the crisp air as it first invaded my senses, and see the stillness of the spiders as they lazed in the shade of a new day. I hope you can see the beauty in the dying magnolia blossom, just centimeters from a bug ready to gain sustenance from its demise.
Mostly, I wanted to write of something that was mine. It's nice to visit other blogs and answer their challenges of what you are reading or that for which you long...And I love doing that! But to step outside and remind myself that all the inspiration I need is right here - be it beautiful or ugly or scary or fantastic - that is what I needed to do today. I challenge any who read this to do the same. Even if you don't put it down on paper, or on the internet for all to see, look outside and think. Just think.

Does a photograph inspire you? If it makes you happy, write about its darkness, and if you see only gloom, concentrate on the light...Challenge yourself to see what is right in front of you.


  1. These are wonderful pictures. And isn't it nice to see the sun again in NC?

    Photos do inspire me. I carry a camera with me everywhere I go...snapping pictures of interesting buildings, interesting people (which can be tricky!), etc. I'll use them later for inspiration.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Glad to meet a fellow writer in the Tar Heel State! I have loved the son this week, and the cool air creeping in.
    I didn't end up writing anything about nature today, but just seeing it inspired me to write. Finally!


  3. Lovely pictures, Michele. I also am inspired by photos, but usually ones that someone else took, since I'm LAZY about shooting my own. I do have some of mine on my website of middle Florida, the area I write about in my Mace Bauer Mystery series. They help motivate me and remind me what the region looks like when I'm describing it in the books.