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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Awe of a child, dawn of a book

The start of a new novel is like looking through the eyes of a child. I feel full of wonder and fresh perspective.
Is this what I've been waiting for? Is this wind strong enough to blog away the oppressive, stagnant fog?

I took this picture of my son at the Outer Banks this summer. Coming over the steps he stopped and gazed in wonder at the vastness of the ocean. It seemed to go on forever, and the endless quality was heightened by my perspective. I couldn't capture all of it in one snap, but his still, four year-old body is a story in itself. I share it with you now, hoping to impart some of that childish awe. I believe it's inside all of us, ready to be tapped by the right muse.

I am ever hopeful.

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  1. Great picture! It's easy to forget all the joy and amazement that kids feel every day. Thanks for the reminder to reconnect....

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