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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Return: Missing Brain

First of all, I apologize for my absence. A myriad of events have made it a rough few weeks. I don't like to complain or make excuses, so I chose just to drop off the blogosphere for a few days.
The latest and final straw is one with which I think most of you can empathize: the crashing of my hard drive. Fellow writers, you know what heartbreak this means! Amazingly, there are hard drive surgeons who take this "brain" of my computer to a "clean" room (i.e. static free) where they remove the information piece by piece. But I won't be assured it is all recoverable until it is all recovered.

So this explains my absence.

The good news? I got a new laptop! And we discovered a man, just out of college, launching his own business refurbing laptops for resale. It felt great to buy from someone so courteous, professional at such a young age, and greatly entrepreneurial.

Alright. More daily posts to come! And less complaining!


  1. Yikes! Losing a hard drive is terrifying. Crossing my fingers for you.

    Now I'm off to back up all my stuff -- just in case :)

  2. Computer problems are the worst! I hope you didn't lose too many important files.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Glad to have you back! My hardrive crashed two weeks ago--it must be a computer plague. Fortunately, I had a backup external hardrive that my writing files are synced with. I highly recommend it. Hope you get everything recovered and enjoy the new computer in the meantime.

  4. P.S> I LOVE the hardrive 'surgeons'. Great pic!

  5. Thanks all! On my PC I have a second hard drive that mirrors the first, but the laptop was so new (to me) that I hadn't started a system for backing things up yet. New, you say? I couldn't have that much on it yet, right? Only all my writing work product! I have faith in the 'surgeons.'