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Sunday, November 1, 2009

One of those days. Today.

I've been working on a post since yesterday and it isn't coming together. Oddly enough, it's on synchronicity. So I decided to be a slacker and use Halloween as my excuse. Here are my crazy children in their costumes. I call this picture "The Buzz at Our House."

Enjoy. This is the kind of candy I like: the most innocent eye candy. My babies in a moment of pure joy.

And here's a better picture of my youngest. She had just opened the door to my crystal cabinet and I gave her devil horns. Aaaahhh, the things you have lying around at Halloween...Did I say better picture? I meant more accurate. Shame on me!


  1. What cuties! I hope they had a great time tricking and treating. It looks like you had nice weather - we had rain and sleet. Not very many kids out.

  2. "The Buzz at your house"--so punny. You have cute kids. Thanks for stopping by today.