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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1.  Who do you mimic in your writing?  No, not mimic...but share a style with?  Ted Cross poses the question here.

2.  Perhaps the best blogfest entry I have ever read...Mesmerix' Fight, Fight, Fight Blogfest entry.  Read it.

3.  Ask him anything you want!  DL is putting himself out there, so take advantage. :)

4.  Click around and feel free to share links you think should make the weekly Sunday Foreign Post Roundup!

Sorry this week's is so short and so late...I have been at my parents for about a week.  We have had a great family reunion and I have seen my cousins, their kids, and more of my family from the 8-month-old baby to the 93-year-old grandpa!  They came from as far as Ecuador and as near as 40 minutes outside Nashville.  Pretty amazing to see so much family.

I'll try to work on a post for Wednesday.


  1. Thank you for the mention! I've garnered 43 questions and now its time for everyone to choose which ones get answered first. :)

  2. Tuesday is the new Sunday - I like it!

  3. Thank you so much for the compliment. It means the world to me that a piece of my MS has been so warmly received.

  4. Thanks for the links! Glad you had a good time with family:)

  5. That's okay that it's short and late. It's nice to see your blog up there.


  6. What a wonderful time you must have had! We come from a very small group so I'm having a hard time imagining it all - it must have been wonderful!

  7. DL- Oh, man, the work begins!

    Alex- Tuesday can also be Monday, or Sunday can be Friday...I think.

    Mesmerix- I don't give those kind of compliments lightly. REALLY.

    Karen- It's been busy!

    Clarissa- Glad to have it rise up again. :)

    Jemi- We think we're small, until we all get together!