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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be Back

Today was my first unorthodox fibromyalgia treatment.  If I had known I'd be sitting for two and a half hours and the facility had Wifi, I'd have brought my laptop and blogged earlier.  As it was, I was hooked up to a vitamin IV for 90 minutes and giving copious amounts of blodd for who-knows-what tests for the other hour.  Then, fatigue sent me into a deep sleep during my kids naptime--so, I missed blogging today.  But I'll be back tomorrow with something totally brilliant! :P


  1. You missed an opportunity to blog!? For shame! :)

    Just remember you have the Uni cheering section here. We (by we I mean me and my split personalities) were going to get specially made uniforms, but all we could find were cheerleader outfits and I don't look good in a skirt (hairy legs, always downsides to gender based clothing).

    Fight fight fight!

    ^Sorry couldn't come up with anything more clever :\

  2. Oh, I am so waiting to see that uniform. :)

  3. Bummer! What types of vitamins, Michele?

  4. Isn't fibro fun? I have it too. Was diagnosed two years ago. I loathe and love my naps. I need them desperately but want to write. It's a catch as catch can thing. See you tomorrow.

  5. Hang in there and take care, Michele! We'll be here.

  6. Well, I hope you feel better with the treatments and blog when you can.


  7. Hope you're feeling better with the treatments! We'll be here when you have time!!

  8. I'm glad you are getting help with this! Keep on keeping on as us hippies used to say (and apparently still do!) I'm with Univarn, hairy legs and all!

  9. Crossing my fingers these treatments help you out!

  10. Hope you feel better! Whether or not you blog every day, none of us will forget about you. Take care of yourself.

  11. Hope you're feeling much better tomorrow. Keep us posted because we care.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. Hey. You and your health come first.
    You'll blog when you can.
    Take Care,


    Publish or Perish

  13. Thank you ALL! Wow! I'm blown away! This was meant to be a throwaway post!

    Diane- I don't know. Isn't that silly? I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay low on D, so I know that is in there. And definitely D, B-12, and B. I'm not sure what others if there are others as well.

    Jan- You and Mo'Nique!