Fear in Writing: Dame Christie Returns

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dame Christie Returns

So into Dame Christie right now!  I picked up a couple of my father's 1970s prints--Evil Under the Sun and Dead Man's Folly--while in Nashville, and plowed through them.  Of course, I'd read Christie before.  Many, many stories in high school and several plays as well.  But this revival of the Queen of Suspense is exciting!

Do you have a favorite you return to occasionally?  Does your vigor for that author's work surprise you with its vitality?

Do you have a favorite Agatha Christie story?  There are so many, I know!  Right now I'm reading Peril at End House--a new one for me.


  1. It's fun to re-read books as an adult that you read and loved as a child. More precious still is the author that can enthrall you in both stages of life. I read all of Agatha Christie's books as a teenager, and I appreciate them differently now that I am an adult.

  2. You just can't go wrong with Dame Agatha. Twisty plots, nefarious characters and the occasional dash of humour adds up to a wonderful read!

  3. I rarely re-read books, but I pick up anything Preston & Child do.

  4. I always reread Christie and Conan Doyle.
    On the modern side I reread favorites by King and Marshall Karp.