Fear in Writing: Agatha, take 2

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Agatha, take 2

Mystery writers are usually interesting people themselves.  As a follow-up to yesterday's brief post on Dame Agatha, I bring you a fascinating breakdown of her very personal mystery: her disappearance.

(FYI--this was supposed to post Friday, and the one that posted earlier (Morbid Stuff) was supposed to post after the one that will now post on Saturday, but Blogger was down. It also deleted titles and pics I had stored in unposted articles.  Ick, Blogger, ick!  Sorry for the confusion!!!!)


  1. Michele - Thanks for sharing this article. Even in her personal life, Christie had the power to lead people up the garden path, so it seems...

  2. I wonder what stories they'll tell about us someday, Margot?