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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's coming...in three days...

Happy Birthday Blogfest
Sept. 24th

That's right, Southern City Mysteries celebrate one year in the world of writers' blogs.  And to celebrate, please stop by to read my own Happy Birthday Blogfest entry.  While your at it, why don't you join in the fun?  The rules are basic: write something that includes a reference to a birthday, a setting of a birthday, or a scene that revolves around a present or upcoming or past birthday.  READ:  anything goes! 

Don't forget to tweet, paste in your sidebar, and/or sign up for a chance to win...
First Prize: 3 of my favorite books + Amazon gift card
Second Prize: 2 of our fellow authors' books + Amazon gift card
Third Prize: Amazon gift card

Comments for points go here.

Point system:
1. Spread the word. Tweet or post or place the announcement in your sidebar. Add the link to any of these in the comment forum below. (3 pts. for sidebar, 2 pts. for post, 1 pt. for tweet)

2. What's your favorite? Don't just tell me how #1ed, tell me about your favorite post or topic Southern City Mysteries has done in the past year. No rules here. It can be anything--a guest post, a series, or a subject I touched on briefly. (2 pts.)

3. On Sept. 24th, Southern City Mysteries' 1 year birthday, post your Happy Birthday Blogfest story! Who said birthdays are fun? They can be creepy or dangerous or dramatic or even fatal. Write a short story in (why limit the word count? Gimme what'chya got!) involving a birthday in any form and something mysterious, dangerous, dramatic, creepy, or deadly. The latter event doesn't have to take place in the story, but can instead be alluded to. It's your choice. (3 pts.)

First ever Southern City Mysteries blogfest...First ever Southern City Mysteries birthday!  Don't forget. ;)


  1. Happy birthday! Unbelievably, I've got my entry ready!

    P.S.: Drop by my site for a blog award!


  2. Michele - Thanks for the reminder!! :-)

  3. Elizabeth- Thank you! Weird and rocky year. But made more fun by this blog and all of you!!

    J.C.- Woohoo! Can't wait to read it.

    Margot- Yeah, felt like one more post about it was needed. :)