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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She-Ra: Princess of Power!

I shared a very special twenty minutes with my son yesterday: She-Ra, Princess of Power on YouTube.  Yes, YouTube has become mother-son time.  Pathetic?  Maybe.

She-Ra was my absolute favorite show as a child.  I had the action figures, the castle, the coloring books, the story books...I even subscribed to the magazine!  Did you know there was a magazine?  There was a magazine.

She-Ra was fantastic.  She was a Rebel--the alter ego of Princess Adora and the twin sister of He-Man of Eternia.  As a baby, she was stolen by Hordak, leader of the Hordes.  He raised her and as one of his Hordes until Adam brings her the Sword of Protection, which parallels He-Man's Sword of Power, and gives her the power to transform into She-Ra.

I mean, Wow!  They don't make them like this anymore.  The closest kids' cartoons I've seen to She-Ra are movies--The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl and Meet the RobinsonsSharkboy deals with the real and fantastical in relation to dreams.  It's really well done, and my son loves it.  Robinsons takes on time travel and how you treat others.  A bit confusing at times, but, overall, witty and smart.

I'm not even going to try to tie all of this back in to writing.  I just wanted to share my exciting trip down memory lane.  I've even embedded an episode of She-Ra for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Now that was some 80s fun, wasn't it?

Not only did She-Ra hold up well, it was nice to see it hasn't (and doesn't need to be) redone.  Great combination of action, SciFi, monsters, and talking animals.  Not to mention sexy women for the guys and plenty of muscles for the girls.

I also watched 'Jem and the Holograms'--didn't hold up so well. :(

And if that's not enough, how about a quiz?  Which She-Ra character are you?

I am: Glimmer!
You are the princess of Brightmoon. You used to be in power until She-ra came along. Even though you are a princess, no one has ever seen you wear a dress. You're sweet and a good friend.
She-ra 73%
Glimmer 73%
Mermista 70%
Frosta 67%
Entrapta 50%
Castaspella 50%
Shadow Weaver 40%
Scorpia 34%
Catra 30%

I suppose I would have been She-Ra, but my tie-breaker question was, "Do you like sword play or do you want to be a fairytale princess?"  I said princess.  Strange.  I normally would have said sword play.  But today the pink side of my body won out.

So, which She-Ra character are you?


  1. If those are your stats, you tied with She-Ra, so maybe you're a split. Half the time you're Glimmer and half the time She-Ra. I vaguely remember She-Ra. Are there cartoons like that for girls anymore?

    Straight From Hel

  2. She RA!!!! OH I forgot all about her! I love her! And I want the sword. No princess here. :)

  3. How is it possible that I have never, ever heard of Sha-Ra? Was this only available in the USA? Or do I live in a bubble?

  4. :)) my favourite He-Man character was that blond sorceress, the protector of Greyscull :) She was a hottie :)

  5. Helen- I don't know if they exist. If they do, they're mostly Dora-ish and brain empowering. That's good, too. But let's give girls swords. :)

    Tabitha- I have to agree. Today I would choose the sword.

    Jill- I don't know. Were you a child of the 80s? It seems to be a very niche thing. Several people I've mentioned it to today were too young to remember--like my kids' babysitter! Makes me feel old.

    Dez- The Eagle chick? There were some definite hotties in there, you're right.

  6. The Sorceress is who Dezmond is referring to. I liked her.

    I got Shadow Weaver. Guess I'm not a good guy...But I loved She-Ra! I actually have it on DVD. :-)

  7. A sign of the times. I spend time with my kids on YouTube as well. So much content there. Quick and easy. Very convenient.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. I am Mermista--although until now I never heard of She-ra. Jem sounds familiar though...I mostly remember Captain Planet & Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    I don't have kids but I just spent hours last week on Youtube showing old music videos to my little sister (age 12). I was shocked that she had never heard "Gettin Jiggy With It" or "Livin La Vida Loca". I mean, really.

    Then, we loaded that old, old cartoon where the little owl sing "I Like to Singa about the Moona and the June-a and the Spring-a"

  9. It seems I am Mermista. Not familiar with any of these super woman. Must check it out.

  10. I was too old to watch it as a child, but I confess I have seen the show!

  11. Oh My Word. Yes, I remember this. I'm older than you, though, so I just came in the room when my younger sister was watching it. I may have paused when He-Man was on. And that guy with the Skull-face was scary. I don't remember his name.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  12. I've never seen this show although, any show on youtube that can bring mom and son together is great! I've been watching reruns of 'Corner Gas' (a Canadian show) with my son. We laugh like hyenas.


  13. Isn't it great to get a blast from the past every now and then? :)

  14. I really only have a glimmer of memory of She-Ra - from commercials - don't think I ever watched it.

    Apparently I'm a Frosta kind of girl though!

  15. This was too fun! I would have ate this up as a kid, sadly I was a 90's child. Although not too sadly because the 90's ruled.