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Friday, May 7, 2010

One thing and another

I'm going to be incredibly honest with you all.  I haven't been doing well this week.  I've had a few fun posts--She-Ra and my guest blogger, Graham Parke--but those have mostly been luck.

The pain is one thing.  It was much, much better this week.  Nearly nonexistent in my hands.  Mostly contained to my left knee and brief neck flare-ups.  That's nothing.  But the memory lingered from last week, and the question of what's next hung around.

The lack of a writing plan is another thing.  When do I write?  What do I write?  I blog, that's for sure.  And I love to blog.  There is nothing wrong with that and I'm cool with it for now.  It's a learning experience everyday and it's a stretch of the mind in many of the articles I put together.  But is it really a cohesive path to an end product?  Not really.  So what am I doing?

My children are the last thing.  They are amazing.  They really are.  But they are also at that age.  That first she'slookingoutmywindowhe'stouchingmyseatshe'splayingwithmytoyeventhoughourtoyslookexactlyalikeandIcan'ttellthemapart-age.  It's fun.  My husband is two years in to his financial planning career--a career he began right before the bottom feel out of the market.  Not the best planning on our part (not that we're clairvoyants).  Point: he works looooooooooong hours, and I'm tired and rundown.

There are single moms with much more on their dockets that get ten times as much done as I do.  But somehow, I find it in my heart to bitch to you all every once and a while.  But, hey, it's my blog, right?

That's all.  Just a little whine session.  Thanks for letting me vent.  This, too, shall pass.


  1. Well I find a good wine goes down well after a whine (is that dumb? yes. do I care? not really) :).

    As for what to write, that's always a toughie. Perhaps you should take solace in the fact that you can write? I dunno. I've tried doing serious (as far as serious can be associated with me) writing, but I can never put the words together the way I want them to be - a constant place of frustration for me.

    Now, the kids I can help with. Used to work at the YMCA all day long with kids at that age (about 20 at a time). Not much you can do to stop them, but I found keeping a good array of distractions handy was useful (games, movies, pool, etc.).

    As for my recommendation: win the lotto, retire to a beach in Maui, and enjoy the sun ;).

    If that doesn't work, well, here's me saying I hope everything perks up soon!

  2. Aside from the part about the kids, I could have written that post. My kids are all grown and gone and now I wish I could say that get to see them just a little bit--they're so far away and I miss them. But pains and writing scheduling are things I can relate to.

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  3. Sometimes when you have a lot to do, you get more done.
    Hope the 'what's next?' is nothing!

  4. There's nothing wrong with a little whine, or a little rant or anything else like that that makes you feel better about your situation. I debate the "time spent on blogging over writing issue" a lot as well. The jury is still out on that one. Hope the pain stays managable for you.

  5. You go ahead and bitch all you want. I'm kinda in the same writing state you are. I love blogging but I'm finding it hard to get into my writing and editing. It's become a chore. I think for me it's the noise around my house and the heat. Yesterday, it got up to 115F here in Mexico.

  6. Not good Michele - you can rant anytime you like. It's tough when the kids are at that stage. Mine went through that stage very quickly. Hopefully yours will too. All those worries are draining. Make sure you make a little bit of 'me' time everyday - something relaxing. Take care of yourself :)

  7. Blogs are fantastic for ranting. Keep up the good fight and I hope the pain subsides and everything else falls back into place as well. take care.

  8. Let it all out!! We are here for you! I don't have kids yet, but I know of that stage you speak of, and I don't know how y'all do it. I'm truly in awe of parents these days.
    Everyone goes through a funk (I've gone through several already just this year so far). Definitely try to find maybe 10 minutes a day to sit down by yourself and breathe slow and deep. It's very calming.

  9. yes, yes, life is a bitch sometimes :), that's why you have us to make us listen and read :))

  10. Univarn- Rockin' advice. We keep plenty of distractions around, and I will take solace in what I have. Thank you!

    Arlee Bird- Nice to relate. We all have our own pains.

    Alex- ME, TOO!! And very true about a lot makes one focus.

    Alan- It's a tough debate, isn't it? Big truth, though: I get a lot from you guys. This post is a great example--look at all of this support!

    Clarissa- 115! I used to live in Phoenix, so I actually know what that feels like. And don't let anyone tell you "it's a dry heat." It doesn't make one bit of difference! Thanks for listening. We'll pull through.

    Jemi- Thanks. The 'me time' used to be visiting all of your blogs. I love doing that! But I'm finding less and less time to do that, and I miss it. I have to come up with a plan.

    Jamie- Thank you! But I promise not to rant too much.

    Kristin Rae- Good advice. Even not having kids, you know what you're talking about.

    Dez- MY blog. Thanks for reminding me. Luv you, Dez!

  11. It's good to do the venting when you need to and the chaos of real life has become stressful and exhausting. Finding or making writing time can be frustrating for everyone, but I had no idea how much time and energy kids could drain from you until I had my wee son.

    I've been very impressed at how much great content you come up with on your blog and that you post so frequently. It's an inspiration. :-)

  12. Whine all you wish, but don't call it whining.

    It doesn't matter how hard things may be for other people.
    Their trials and tribulations do not devalue the problems you face in your own life.

    As you say it's your blog and sharing can be half the battle.