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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Craftier than Me

No post Saturday.  But...

I'm spending the day at a child's birthdy party and an art fair downtown--where my friend Rachel Ellington will be selling her beautiful sewing crafts!  You have heard me mention her blog before: Olivethebeach.  Go there for snippets of her work...Here is a sample, a a link to the craft fair here in Raleigh.  It's an ongoing event, so stop by sometime if you're in town.  It's called Designers Downtown Market.
Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. I think I'm the least crafty person I know. I'll check it out :)

  2. It was lots of fun. Rachel's crafts were wonderful, of course! She had these pillows that were sooooo well made. They had a thick border that almost stood on its own in a gorgeous orangey-yellow color with a branch pattern on them. Very modern. I'm going to custom order some in another color. I told her I'd redesign my living room around the orange color, but my husband might object.

    And there was another booth--an artist who took vintage pieces and redesigned them into hair pieces and mirrors and the like.

    Alex--you would have loved the stuff! :P