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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trips, Sickies, and an Outline

Hello, all!  It has been a long week of travel for this writer, and I'm afraid the end of the day came too quickly and brough too much exhaustion for me to log on.  I should have posted something about taking a break, but I had the best of intentions--even had posts waiting to be published.  However, I am back...I think...My daughter awoke with a high fever and other symptoms this morning that are keeping me beside her on the couch today.

In addition, I was traveling between NC and TN with my two children.  Wonderful though they are, traveling is long and involved.  Then there are the (fabulous but...) seemingly endless activities vacation entails.  Luckily, I had my sister, my parents, and my in-laws to help in Nashville.

Furthermore...my father was in the hospital on Easter.  It turned out to be a bad case of vertigo, but the scare of stroke was there, and it made for an emotional and busy holiday.  My parents have been throwing a huge Easter party since I was a child in Houston--so 1985 or so.  We continue to add new generations to the egg hunt and festivities, so it grows and grows!  This year, my sister and I took on the mantle of responsibility, since my mother was at the ER with my father.  Were ready?  No, but we did it and our wonderful guests/friends helped.

And now I am back in Raleigh with a sick child--oh!  Natalie turned 2 on Friday!  So I also threw a birthday party for my baby girl.  Princess-themed and full of pink.  Ariel Barbie;  floral, canopied baby bed; My Little Ponies--with accessories; and, of course, hair bows and more hair bows!

So, it with this exhausting but wonderful week behind me that I return to you.  I missed you guys!  Hopefully, my children will allow me the time to make the blog rounds today...We'll see.

I nearly forgot!  A complete book outline came to me while I was in Nashville.  Remember my great-grandmother?  Well, I wasn't going to delve into that subject, but it was mentioned to me that my aunt read the "Irreverence" post, as well as Dez's comment about taking it on as an MS...And it sort of sparked something in my brain.  Next thing I new, a complete outline was lying before me on paper!  And here's the kicker: I don't outline!  So, here goes...!!
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  1. Glad you're home safe and sorry the Easter holiday was so full!

  2. Glad your home safe!! Yikes about all the mishaps and hospital visits during the Easter holiday!!!

    I bet traveling with little ones is a chore! Luckily for my trip is truly is a vacation! Though I'm sure you wouldn't change it for the world!

  3. Thanks, guys. Glad to be home--really! And, Jen, I might trade it for the right vacation--which is any vacation at this point!

  4. Sorry you had such a rough time! I hope everyone is feeling better and that your day will be okay. Traveling and illness are not a good combination!

  5. You have had a rough time, haven't you. Hope the rest of the month is better.

    ~ Rayna

  6. Congratulations on your outline, don't you love it when a new idea strikes out of the blue.

    I'm glad your dad is okay and that the traveling is behind you. My monster baby called me from school today which is so unlike her, so the bug is going around.

  7. That's a long drive!
    And now you have something new to write about as well.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your daughter; I remember those princess parties very well! How lovely to have a new idea pop into your brain - best of luck with it.

  9. What a week! Glad to hear you are home safe and sound.

    You are totally not helping my insane urge to have a little girl! Princess parties and hair bows...how fun!!! My house is overrun with testosterone. :-)

    Good luck with the outline and I hope your little one feels better soon...happy belated birthday to her!

  10. Wow. Glad you're back, and I hope things settle down a bit for you. Good luck with the outline. :-)

  11. Elizabeth- At least the illness for Natalie came AFTER we got home! We've had sick car rides before--not fun.

    Rayna- Thank you, though it really was a fun-filled week.

    Ann- Thanks, and I hope your baby is doing well, too! It's no fun when our little ones are sick...Though there's something to be said for lazy afternoons on the couch. How else can we get them to sit still?

    Diane- It IS exciting...And I'll be able to reach out to my family for help on this one, which I think they will all enjoy.

    Elspeth- Isn't pink a bit overwhelming at times? Thanks for the well-wishes.

    Kristi- Oh, I am so there when you have a girl! I want to see a girly room in your house! Guess it's obvious we're not doing lunch today... :P

    Shannon- Thanks! This, too, shall pass. And new outline means new ideas means more stuff to juggle! It will be fun.

  12. I hope that you can find a way to make your grandmother's story into a wonderful book. I'm sorry your children are sick but I'm glad you had a nice trip.


  13. It's funny...I can never seem to relax while we're on vacation. When we finally pull back into our driveway after some time away, thats when a rush of exhaustion hits me as all of the tension slips away.

    Its great to have you back...safe and sound!

  14. hope you'll mention little old me in the book about irreverent grandma Jeanne when it comes out :))) I really think that no matter how much you like mystery, you have enough talent and an already available and possibly great story in your hands, so you should turn into serious novel writing. Who knows, such novels can turn their authors into world wide famous writers :) And everybody knows that Dezz is always right and has psychic powers :)
    Happy B-day to little Natalie!

  15. Good for you for making it through the week! Not an easy thing. :)

    Congrats on the outline appearing! It will be so fun to see how that works for you!

  16. Wow - you were in the centre of some sort of maelstrom weren't you! Sickness and celebration and wee ones and elders and in all of that your creativity pops up and says 'have I an idea for you!' I love it and am glad you survived more than intact.

  17. Wow! You were busy, but it sounds like you had a fun time (other than the scare with your dad). I think your grandmother's story will be great--and Dez is always right :)

    Glad to have you back!

  18. Hopefully things get better!

    Hang in there!


    Publish or Perish

  19. Ann Elle- I'm hopeful, too. And with all the fmily interested in me doing so, there's a lot of pressure!

    DL- I know what you mean. Though I can't say I've actually had a VACATION in years.

    Dez- Thank you! Of course I would mention you...but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :P Thank you for the birthday wishes--she is my little angel.

    Jemi- It will be interesting...And I have missed you all!

    Jan- Thanks, glad here, too, though now I have the little stomach bug Natalie had. :(

    Lorel- Dez is, isn't he? Thanks.

    Al- I will! Thx.

  20. You see, even our dear Lorel knows that Dezz is always right :PP

  21. Sounds like a very busy,eventful Easter. I hope your daughter is feeling better. A whole outline. Lucky you. Looking forward to updates on your progress.