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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Foreign Post Roundup

1. New-to-me blog of a friend: Olivethebeach.  As a lover of art, I must say Rachel's quilts and other sewing projects are beautiful.  What is even more beautiful?  She uses the profit to support charities!  Talk about giving back.  I recommend you spend some time on this site.

2.  Do you have je ne sais quoi?  Summer asks the question, which literally means "I don't know what," but more often signifies an intangible, distinctive quality.

3.  Ann, the Piedmont Writer, struggles with her MS.  Click over and give your opinion!  I bet you'll get hooked on the story while you're there.

4.  If you love a good adventure, read Cathy's Bloody Basin Trail post over at Kittling Books.  The imagery she leaves you with is fantastic!  And here's my speal on Arizona: If there is a state to explore, it is Arizona. From the cool pines and skiing (yes, skiing!) in Flagstaff, the red rocks and spiritual paths in Sedona, to the copper mines and Wild West history in Bisbee/Tombstone, this state will amaze you at every pass.

5. Diane introduces a new-to-me author with a fantastic-sounding book: Robert Elmer.  At least go look at the cover.

6. DL talks about Black Ice--what can you do to keep it out of your writing?  We well-though-out article and a great thing to think about.


  1. Looks like interesting links. I'm off to check them out. Thanks.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. I love the roundup!! Great links!

  3. You're welcome, all. It's always fun gathering them--it means I get around the blog world that week! Hoping this next week means even more blog-surfing for me.


  4. Thanks for all the interesting links. Have some blog surfing to do now. Have a wonderful Monday.

  5. Hey! I made the roundup!! That is SOOOO COOOL!!

    Thank you! :)