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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maintaining Consistent Creativity

A friend of mine began following my blog on Monday, and I, of course, clicked over to her blog.  She is an artist--quilting, dancing, you-name-it.  But while on her blog, I noticed a particularly good question:
What are your ideas about consistent creativity?

I actually read it this way: What do you need for consistent creativity?

We could all say inspiration, just as Rachel's post inspired this one.  But sometimes we have to search for inspiration, within ourselves or our surroundings.  So what do you need to find that inspiration?

I'll tell you my answer right now, and it is the same one I wrote on Rachel's blog: BREATHING. 

Sounds strange, right?  You have to remember I have chronic pain and suffer from anxiety/depression on occasion.  A lot of things can becoming overwhelming to me really quickly.  So, to calm the world and regain a sense of calm, I breathe.  Then, my children are more precious, each leaf is brighter on the trees, the sound of the birds is there again over the din of life--and these are the things that inspire me to be creative.

So, what do you need for consistent creativity?

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  1. It helps relieve stress, too! And I can't be creative when I'm stressed out...so I've tried your method and it works. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. It really does. Now, having time to put that creativity to paper...that's a whole 'nother subject!

  3. Breathing is good. I also enjoy water. I'd really like to go back to the beach, but I have a shower and a baby pool I sit in with monster baby so. We make do with what we have.

  4. I am not consistently creative. But, when I'm creative, I'm very creative. I don't think you need to be CC to write, sometimes the process of writing will spur on creativity.


  5. I need quiet. A quiet place and block of time that belongs to me. Once I feel connected to my passions again, I ready to press ahead.

  6. We are so on the same page! That has been my mantra lately. Thanks for looking me up :). I'm honored.

  7. What a great question (and tough)! I need reassurance and motivation. When I feel confident and motivated, I can do anything. :-)

  8. Less stress. More oxygen. Sleep, a decent amount of time to read. If I have these things on a regular basis, I'm much more likely to have consistent creativity.

  9. Thirty minutes on my guitar usually relieves my stress and places me in the right frame of mind.

  10. Yes, just a moment of peace, a breath of air in the park, and granting myself time to dream is the best!

    Other than that, there's music, or if I'm really feeling blank, I poke my uber creative husband with a stick until he comes up with something that inspires me to build on it.

  11. The answer that came to mind immediately when I read the question was Time. I like Breathe as well :)

  12. LSD. Hey, it worked for Poe! LOL just kidding.

    I just need peace and maybe some music.

  13. Breathing is a great tip.
    As one who also suffers depression, that moment to step back from myself is a great help in staying well.


    Publish or Perish

  14. Funny how we all talked about taking care of our senses (except for Voidewalker, but we'll discount the druggie.

    We could have said photography, hiking, exercising, reading--all great hobbies! But we all said we have to nurture our senses in order to glean the most from those things.

    Rachel is a new friend of mine that I've known peripherally for a while. Seriously, check out her beautiful work.

    And Al- I sympathize. Depression is a dark passenger.