Fear in Writing: A Surprise Haircut

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Surprise Haircut

Ok, guys.  I am still around, but it's been a weird week.  Sickness, school duties, Christmas shopping and THIS:
That's right, my daughter cut her own hair.  Her beautiful, golden locks turned into a MULLET!
Last week she poured two bowls of water on the indoor rug before I caught her (cleaning off the reindeer's boo-boos, btw) and emptied a small bottle of lotion on her clothes and carpet during quiet time.  I call her my Ramona Quimby.

Do you have a character who is wild or catches you by surprise?  It can be wonderful, but it can also be, well, surprising!  What do you do with your characters when they act out?


  1. All kids cut their hair like that once or twice during childhood. Don't worry, It's completely normal >:)

    Wild characters, yes I have a couple in my so-called novel (in progress), rude, rough and untamed. It's fun to play around with that kind of characters, since they can do things that you can't actually do in real life >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Michele - Oh, I remember when my daughter cut her own hair. It is, as you say, er, surprising. And I love your choice of Ramona Quimby - so descriptive!

    As far as surprising characters go...yes, I've had that happen once or twice. When it does happen, I try to see where it takes me. Sometimes, characters like that add delicious "spice" to a story. Other times they can take away from a plot. Like everything else, it's the kind of thing that's best in moderation.

  3. Don't worry mom - maybe the mullet will come back in style real soon!

  4. Ha! Ohhhh...that's so funny. Bless her heart! My son cut his hair a couple of days before his sister was born and his hair is weird in all the pictures. :)

    Characters who surprise us are the best!

  5. LOVIN' the mullet. Maybe she'll bring it back?!

    I also love Ramona Quimby. She's my hero.

    I am LMAO at that hair. Too funny!

  6. Every creative child does this at least once. It always seems to happen before a major event or school pictures/family portraits.
    With mine, she was wearing two pony tails and cut one right at the ribbon. Her father cried when he saw his blond pixie.

  7. My son never did that but he's a boy. The good thing is that hair grows back.

  8. Ok your daughter is a DOLL!!! Oh and she will look at these pictures one day and y'all will have such a good laugh! I never had the urge to cut my hair as a child, but it does seem to be a pretty common thing, huh?

  9. With kids around, can anything catch us by surprise?

    And I had my older one do that once too. I kept the scissors away after that.

  10. What a cutie! Even with the mullet :) Thankfully it'll grow back!

  11. Oh dear, Michelle! You have your hands full! I have characters that can be wild and unpredictable at times, but not quite to that level!