Fear in Writing: The Golden Ticket

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Golden Ticket

How many authors make it BIG?

Monday night we watched the Tim Burton version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the kids.  Five golden tickets out of millions of chocolate bars meant only five children get into the magical dream that is Willy Wonka's world.

Tuesday we watched the 1971 version with Gene Wilder.  (Really interesting to view them back-to-back and see how each director interpreted the story.  At first viewing, I didn't like Burton's version with the emphasis on Wonka's insecurities, but comparison shows some really great additions to the 2005 movie.  One, Charlie's family was loving and delightful--a nice change from the bickering sadness of the first one.  And two, the closeness of that family made for an excellent message in the end that even my 2yo got.)  Still, five tickets and five children.

But the children hoped and the children bought the candy bars.  In the same vein, we hope and we write.  Some care if they make it BIG and some just want to express themselves.  Some just strive for publication, while others have sales numbers they'd like to hit.

But whatever you admittedly look for in writing, I'm sure there is a part of you that wouldn't complain if the big bucks, reviews, and prestige came your way.  And the chances are...well, slim.

Talent?  Luck?  Timing?  Money?  Resume?  All or some of these may mean the difference between stardom and mediocrity.

Is being one of the few important to you?  Do you think about this when you write?


  1. I think about doing the one thing I've always wanted to do -- WRITE. I wouldn't turn down fame or fortune (not totally crazy) but I want to finish a really good project so I can say I did it.
    I am famous in my own mind, you see. :o)

  2. I think Mary said it better than I can. I write because I want to finish something I can be proud of. And after I write it, I would love it if people read it.
    But that's what I really care about. Wouldn't say no to fame or fortune, but neither is the reason for my writing.

  3. Michele - Like Mary, I write because I want what I write to be good. I want people to enjoy what I write and the stories I have need to be told (Well, anyway, I think they do ;-) ). But if that coincides with millions and millions of people thinking that what I write is good and buying my books, well, that would be amazing! I don't write with that as my goal, but would I turn it down? Um, no.

  4. It would be exciting and terrifying to win the Golden Ticket of the writing world. I think I'd enjoy it, but if I never achieve it that's okay too. I write because it's fun and I like to do it and get better. :)

  5. It would be nice, but I never had delusions of finding the Golden Ticket. Some mornings, I'm lucky to just find the bathroom!

  6. I just want to write. If a golden ticket appears whilst doing so, I will accept it with good grace. :)

    Happy New Year!