Fear in Writing: The new story

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new story

Just when I thought the writing was dead, a story poured out.  It's not one I'm ready to share yet, but I think it's an idea that could have merit.

Of course, like yesterday's post said, "I" played an important role.

It's an experimental story.  The style isn't by the book...So we'll see. 

I hope I get more time to write today!  Writing gives me...patience, creative juice, etc.  (but not enough patience to think of another noun for that sentence!)

How is your writing going?


  1. Good for you, Michele.
    I am hectic busy, and am not even trying to write!

  2. Good luck with the story. Sometimes those that just come to us are the best.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Michele - So happy to hear your writing is flowing. Isn't that a joyous feeling :)? I wish you well with your story. Oddly enough, my own writing is cookin', too, and I couldn't be happier : ).

  4. Rnjoy the new piece you're working on.

  5. Rayna- I haven't been trying either. This was a surprise moment!

    Mason- It seems to be that way. Now if this would only continue...

    Margot- Glad that our good times coincide! Hopefully we'll keep it up.

    Alex- Now I just have to finish one!

  6. It's so much fun when you've got an exciting idea raring to get out! Have fun :)

  7. That is always so great to hear! I haven't worked on my fiction in a while, so hoping to get inspired to get back into it

  8. I did a writing exercise and what I wrote inspired me. It's been building and building almost on its own. I haven't been this excited in a while.
    All I want to to is write for fear the flow will stop.

    Giggles and Guns